Galaxy Note 10.1 – The Preffered Entertainment

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I find the Galaxy Note uber cool . It’s probably the one and only one that I know that has multi windows. Or in layman’s term – Split Screen !

I would prefer the Galaxy Note than anything else because of the split screen . Rather than to always press the Home button and change windows .. I can just put them side by side now !


Editing photographs would be a bliss with the Galaxy Note, as you are able to use the S Pen, it’s even better than using a mouse on the computer . It’s even better than the digital drawing pad because you can see where your point is on the screen! Definitely would be such a bliss to edit photographs all day long with the Galaxy Tab.

Not to mention the games .. It’ll be such an entertainment for me as the screen is definitely bigger than my Samsung S2 (DUH), and graphics are way better . Now I can play all my favourite RPG and Action games . HEHE .


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