I’m ready for S4!

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Awal Ashaari and Prem . Prem was just there at Stage KL last night for the CLEO Bachelor Finals, and here he is again ! Hardworking man . :O

Awal Ashaari and Liyana Jasmay with the new S4 !

This guy here looks so amazing with his violin . I tried to google the name of the violin , kinda failed to do so .. /:

Apart from the amazing violin performance, they had a flash mob too . Awesome upbeat moves that made me feel like dancing with them !


Having some fun with the phone .

Looks so sleek, doesn’t it? Just for RM2,199 .. You can have it . :O
Or you can sign up for plans like these !
Digi, Maxis, U-Mobile 


They have this group play feature .. Damn, I couldn’t open it on the phone though . It’s amazing . Imagine if your car radio broke down but 3 of your friends and you have an S4 . Omg , you can just play music simultaneously and voila ! A ‘make-shift’ hi-fi system . 😛 You get the picture .. (:

I love the dual camera feature . So friggin awesome . This way, we can see the photographer and the photograph ! We’ll remember whose the one taking the shots too 😛

Camwhoreeeeeee. ;3

They have this other feature which is Sound & Shot that I love very much. Uber cool feature. A photograph with sounds. We had (and still have) gifs , now with sounds .. :O WHAT MORE CAN I ASK FOR ??

Really wish I could get an S4 in a few months or so . I prefer it over the S3 . Really ._. And it’s about time I upgrade from my S2 . )):

Click HERE for more details of the phone .


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