I’m ready ! I’m ready !!

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I went to Jaya One last Friday for class (I study in IACT, if you guys are wondering ‘CLASS?!?’) . I wanted to go a little bit earlier, like. 11.40am . But scum bag taxi man gave me hell .  But at least he was nice, he reduced the price a little because it was his fault for turning the wrong way.. And I don’t know why I wasn’t paying attention . Probablybecause I was really really excited to catch the Samsung S4 roadshow .. LOL . I didn’t know what the roadshow was gonna be like .

I saw violinists .. Then was thinking to myself , ‘WHERE’S THE CELLO PLAYER?’ Then he came walking pass Starbucks , and sat on his royalty chair in the between Starbucks and Brussels . The sort-of-stage.

Then came 4 Acapella singers .. Singing about ‘Are you ready for S4?’ Something like that, Kinda forgot the tune .. Head over to Yuki’s blog to check out the video ! She video-ed them in one of their roadshows.

So are you ready for Samsung Galaxy S4??


Karmun and Aris were there too . Check out Karmun’s blog !


After the show , I headed off to class . Here’s a picture of us 3 girls . :3 Gosh, how I miss college ..


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