Oblivion, GSC One Utama

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Oblivion ……… I have little thoughts about this movie . It’s basically Tom Cruise, more Tom Cruise and more Tom Cruise.

What I really love about the movie is the visuals .. The graphics . Oh my gosh, it’s so realistic. But they dragged the movie so much .. They could have just skipped or fast forward some scenes which were absolutely unnecessary .. But then again .. Personal preference .

I have mixed feelings about the movie . I really do enjoyed it, the plot was excellent . Without watching the trailer, it was a little bit difficult to understand what the whole movie was about.

They have plenty of lovey dovey scenes too .

Waiting for time to pass.

Michelle ! <3

While waiting, we saw this guy . Absolutely attractive . Look at his curves .

And check out our dinner ! Looks so good, doesn’t it? 😛


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