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During my pop quiz yesterday, I did a list of things I should change about myself . (Yeah, I was that free to write them down on a piece of tissue paper) I am pretty determined to change . Let’s hope I do it well and do it right!

Recently, I have been listening to The Temper Trap’s Conditions album . A little bit slow or outdated.. But hey, there’s millions of songs in the world. Give me a break. :3

Here, I’mma just embed it here .. HEH . It’s the deluxe edition . I’ve never really listened to The Temper Trap. So I’m gonna start from their old albums to their newest . That’s fair, right? And so far, so good . One of the songs I love a lot is Soldier On. Hit me real hard at the right timing . Actually, I really like the whole album . Another one I enjoy a lot is ‘Little Boy’. It’s the 2nd last song in the video.

While you get that playing .. Read on ! ­čśÇ

This is a pretty random blog post , I’m talking about various things at once ._. Last Saturday, a bunch of us went to Ming Tien for supper .. Or more like to do the sausage challenge .

The Spicy Taiwanese Sausage Challenge . Round 2 . DING DING DING!

The Contestants ! Melvin, Michelle and Di Sern. Both Mel and Mich did alright .. For Di Sern .. NOT SO . TSK.

His first bite . ‘NOTHING ALSO ….’ ┬á ┬áSeconds later, scratches pants, wipes sweat.*

He stole half of my drink too because his watermelon drink and the ice in it disappeared in minutes . Tsk .
Okay, I feel so mean for embarrassing him on my blog .. Sorry boyyy . ­čśŤ

Last night @ Oregi . Pretty neat place . Kinda reminds me of Maistreet in TTDI .
We were playing spin the bottle . Can you believe it ? (Goodness. KIDS THESE DAYS ..) Who cares if people stare at us ? We had hell a lot of fun and bonding moments. All that, ‘OMG I HAD THAT MOMENT TOO!!’

Okay, pretty much done for today. Wait up for a more exciting post , coming up soon ! :3

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