Wishlist: Ruby Wine Samsung Note II

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I didn’t do a very good job at posing because there’s 999 people in the Samsung store going mad about the S4 . Pretty shy, especially when I can see two of the staff staring at me while my mum took my photograph.

Why get a boring black or white phone when there’s so many other colours ? Previously I was raving over their pastel pink Note 2. Now there’s a Ruby Wine Samsung Note 2!


What comes into your mind when I say red?

Sexy. Attention Grabbing, Dangerous, Sophisticated …

What about Ruby Wine red ?

Doesn’t it sound sexier, classy and exquisite ? I was actually dreaming when I was fiddling with the phone .. Owning one would add a hint of mystery and a dash of sexy to my life. Colours are super important upon meeting friends and new people. Seeing me with a ruby wine Samsung Note II, it would give a total different first impression to others. I’d love that .. To give an impression that I’m not a boring old black or white kinda girl . You know what I mean? Definitely suitable for my lifestyle . (;

It’s not exactly red, it’s wine-ish colour, hence – Ruby Wine.

I tried photographing it with flash so you can see the colour better.


Awesome phone colour, don’t you think ?

Check it out here,

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Last Friday night, Dee, Sap and I went to the CLEO Bachelor Finals at Stage KL.

Make up for the night . I only applied my lipstick before entering Stage KL though .


Playing with Sap’s Raybans while listening to Game Over by Heatbeat in his trance mobile .

Dee, me and Sap.

Honestly, Dee and I look like we’re brand ambassadors or something. Same red dresses. Well, we’re cool like that . Tsk.


Camwhoring in front of the backdrop before leaving ..



SEE, Don’t we look like brand ambassadors .. Posing with a hot chick in the middle .

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