8 reasons to say yes to Reebonz

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1. Online boutique for luxury brands.

Chanel, Mulberry, Loewe, Coach, Kate Spade… You name it.

2. Sale Events

They have plenty of clearance sales going on for 2-3 days.
Having these sale events keeps me coming back to them to check out new great deals every few days!

3. Mobile App

With their app, you’re able to get daily sale alerts and shop anytime anywhere. Yay!
This makes my life way easier to check out their stuff when I’m not on my laptop.
Purchases are uber fast with the app too. It’s definitely a plus point.

Download the app here!

4. 100% Aunthentic Bags

Why do I trust them? Well, there are plenty of reviews and articles about Reebonz. No kidding! And I’m not only talking about nationwide but in Asia… And Australia!
I have two friends in Singapore who are loyal customers to Reebonz, they know how to differentiate a Prada and a Frada very well, products from Reebonz are definitely authentic. #justsaying

5.Fast Delivery

Well, I mentioned how fast you can purchase a product. So is the delivery! Well, you can’t get it as fast as you purchase though. Teehee

6. Free shipping!

Yay!! Also, goods come with a 14 day return policy. Now isn’t that just fabulous?

7. 0% credit card instalment payment plans!

Paying via credit card is easy. But usually you need to pay a certain %. Right? Nope, not with Reebonz!

8. Presentation

Honestly, appearance is important to me. I love the website. It’s simple, classy and elegant.

Clean white background with black font. Not to mention, the layout of the website is so neat, easily accessible and sweet.

Apart from the website, goods are delivered in a luxurious black box with their signature gold ribbon adding a little touch of class when you receive your product. It’s a beautiful box, so if you’re buying a gift for someone, giving it in a Reebonz box would be really nice.

Want to know more ? Of course you do, honey. Click here to sign up (AND GET RM78 Reebonz credits! YAY!)
Ohh! You will stand a chance to win up 100 Reebonz Credits by signing up via the link above ! (;


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