A weekend getaway !

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I had such a good time at PJ Hilton a week just before CNY. It was such a thrill, because it’s been a longgggggggg time since I had a little getaway weekend with my mummy dearest. (Sorry, I kinda forgot to blog about this…)

We had the hotel tour and gosh, you should see the newly revamped ballroom ! I especially love their chandeliers . So futuristic and still retaining a classy look of diamond rings.

After the tour, we had a sushi making class at Genji.


Mum’s sushi

Mine !

Mum won the competition because she had the best presentation. She has always been good with food anyway. Unlike her daughter .. Ahem.

After the sushi class, we headed back to our own suites .. If you haven’t seen the newly renovated suites, tadaaaaaaaa ! On the left side, that’s the door where you’d come in from .. On the right side, that leads to the toilet.


That’s le view from the inside of the toilet.

So if I were to take a bath .. And didn’t completely shut the blinds, that’s what you see from the outside. :X

Took us quite a while to actually notice this giant plate of diabetes on the table .. The macaroons are really nice though . So are the raspberries and the strawberries .. We didn’t finish the whole thing of course! That’s enough for 5 pax!

We had our dinner at Genji on the first night .. Yummy yummy, all the sashimi that I could have!

Then we head over to Uncle Chilli’s Bar to have a few drinks and enjoy the night.

Bartenders here have crazy tricks!! Be sure to catch them showing off their amazing talents!


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