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Bryan says we camwhore in his car weekly. Pretty true. It wasn’t as packed at the back seat today cause Aaron drove as well. AND I JUST HAD TO SIT WHERE THE SUN SHINES. Thank goodness for Bryan’s denim jacket. I just covered my whole head and torso with it cause I couldn’t stand the heat. Szen went, ‘AMBERRRRR…….’ I can’t help it, I’m a puteri lilin.
The weather’s been so crazy lately. Heavy rains.. But today was so sunny.


Yesterday I played a horror RPG game called The Witch’s House. John asked me to play it but I have to stream it…….. Lower your speakers, i randomly scream. I played a few ranked games in between and finally finishing the game at the end of my stream. Gosh, the jump scares and what not. Now I’m back to being interested in horror games again. Great. Just great. I just googled horror games and I see loads of new games that I don’t know of.

One of the first things I had to do was to cut off a teddy bear’s limbs.. And blood poured out. And then.. And then.. A bloody hand print on the wall. It just went.. SMACK!!!! ._. I got so terrified. ESPECIALLY WHEN A HUGE TEDDY BEAR CHASED THE SHIT OUT OF ME AND STOMPED ME TO DEATH. And it looked like Teddy Tibbers. Now I’m not gonna see Annie and Teddy Tibbers the same way anymore.. I’m not touching Annie in League of Legends for a long time now. Evil bears!!!!

But it’s an awesome game. You have to try it out to know it. I can’t spoil the fun!


Playing it right now, and the graphics !!! It’s like the old Final Fantasy 3!! Gonna play it finish now. Bye bye. ^^


Don’t you find this photograph amazing? Simple as it is but the mood, the pose.. Play the right song and watch the whole story unfolds in the photograph.


I found an interesting band a few days ago. It’s called Studio Killers. It’s a virtual band consisting of three members.

Cherry, Goldie Foxx and Dyna Mink.

I find them pretty amazing. The band members chose to remain anonymous, sadly. But the origins of the members are from Denmark, United Kingdom (Plus point!) and Finland. Or at least, that’s what I’ve gathered. I find them so unique. The vocalist reminds me of Mika when he hits uber high pitched notes. (Pst: They suspect Teemu Brunila is the vocalist!)


“Is it my problem that you have a bad day?”

We should all learn to work around with pms/problematic/bitch-for-no-reason/bastard-for-the-day people once in a while. Sometimes they just have their bad days. It adds on more weight to them by mistreating them (So what if they treated you terribly, no harm in being nice, right?). That cycle will never end if you mistreat people all the time. Why can’t you just treat them as nice as you want them to treat you? Maybe they’d actually feel a little better about their day and starts being less grouchy and mean. Why does it always have to be ‘Ain’t my problem if you have a bad day’? That’s just selfish.


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