DIY Dip Bleached Ends

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Bye bye natural colour. I camwhored a lot before I bleached my hair because I was pretty reluctant to bleach my hair. At the same time, I couldn’t wait to get my bleach ends back ._.

Miao …



Szen came over and drove us out to buy the bleach.

Disturbing her when she driving.



Bought the bleach and developer from Hair Depot nearby my house, prepared a bunch of things and bleach we go!

This is how I separate my hair. Szen said I look like some Pocahontas-like girl.

Szen helped out cause I couldn’t really do it nicely on my own.


It got tedious, so we ended up just drowning my ends into the bleach. Then we wrapped it in plastic bag..

This is how it looks after the second bleach. Sorry, I look a lil retarded here. Probably cause I ain’t satisfied with it.


And this is the end product! (After the 3rd bleach)
You guys probably think I’m crazy for bleaching it thrice, but I had a lot of leftover bleach and I didn’t think it was enough after the 2nd time. So voila! This will be it till the next time I chop my hair off. Again .

All photographs taken with Samsung Galaxy S4. Szen said the picture quality rocks. I think so too! (:
Main camera has 13 Mega pixel with no shutter lag, and the front camera is a 2 mega pixel camera that’s complete with a full hd recording ! Awesome, don’t you think?


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