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I realized I haven’t been taking photographs as much as I used to years ago. I don’t know whether to call that a good thing or a bad thing. Like how a Pokemon can forget a move to learn new moves, I forgot how to take photographs of anything that moves and doesn’t move.  Kinda suck, but I guess that will make space for new skills. It’s about time i find my muse. Where is she anyway? She’s been gone too long.

This was taken at Dee‘s house. We did a shoot at her place sometime in January. She had the concept and all, I just showed up with my camera and co-modeled with her. I don’t favour it though.. Well, I look like a duck while she looks like a swan, what do you expect me to feel?
Here’s the album link – CLICK ME.

I just had to post a food-related picture. Kampachi was and still will be one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in KL. Freshest seafood you can get, at the best quality, served by the finest chefs.

My baby brother, Jo Shua. I don’t know why I never posted it on my page though.. Or did I? I don’t know, I don’t remember. Pretty crazy edit for a toddler photograph.  Felt like I overdid the post-process but I like it this way. Dramatic edit for a drama child.

Honestly, I was never a big fan of guitars. Nobody influenced me enough to really listen to it. Till now. Ha. I learnt a lot, but that’s not even near 1% of anything related to guitars or music. But it’s okay, I’ll keep learning more about it day by day.. And because I don’t know guitars as much, I don’t have that euphoric feeling when i photograph it. Sounds so dramatic, but yeah. I wish to have that specific euphoria whenever I take photographs of anything. I kinda prefer the black and white over the coloured one though. What do you think?

Dream catchers. I took the photograph in Bugis, Singapore.
I wore a dream catcher necklace to college today too, and one of my friends were just telling me about the origins of dream catchers.

One of the stories were about this tribe who are animists (Animism – People who believe animals, plants, inanimate objects and/or phenomena possess a spiritual essence.). There was this little boy who wanted to kill a spider but an elder stopped the child from killing it. The spider whispered into the elder’s ear, thanking her and told her that it’ll repay her by teaching her how to weave a spider web to form a dream catcher. It’ll help to catch all the bad luck and bad dreams.

I don’t remember the details, sadly.. But it was pretty amazing to listen to it over lunch.

 Kitty cat. Meow.. Snapped this beauty at Legian, Bali. I don’t blame it for lazing around in that crazy heat.

Nicholas! A very good friend of mine for over 2 years. Somehow we always clicked. Things get really awkward and weird sometimes, but we get along pretty well.

I was suppose to do a shoot today, but it got postponed, so I dragged Szen and Michelle to do a short shoot with me. It was drizzling…… Okay, It was raining. But we did the shoot anyway. It didn’t turn out brilliant. It was just alright.

And being the curious cat, I went up to take a look at the other area. Under the rain, smart girl! It was darn cold, windy and scary to be alone up there.

I should take more nonsensical photographs, then maybe.. Just maybe, my muse will come back to me.

As usual, sharing another song with you guys.. It hits me pretty hard to the core. Watching the video makes me want to cry even harder. (Am I that sensitive?)


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