Samsung Galaxy S4, So Far

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I had my S4 for about a week now and although I haven’t bond with it much yet, I decided to write about what I like (and dislike) about the phone. SO FAR.

Personal Opinions

I prefer the S4 compared to the S3, simply because I like how it’s more rectangular. Also, I realized that a lot of my guy friends still prefer the S3 because of the appearance. Someone enlighten me further on the reasons other than “Because it’s round-ish, you knowwww……”
I’ve been a Samsung fan ever since I had the chance to buy my first smart phone. I bought the S1 first and the S2 a year later. I skipped the S3 because I didn’t like it and now I have the S4. Blissful life for me.


The Battery Life is amazing. It can last me almost up to 11 hours. That is almost double of the hours that S2 lasts for me.

The Super Amoled HD Screen is so amazing . Everything just looks better on the phone, really. An example of what you see on your phone is what you see on those HD screens you pass by in malls. Sounds exaggerating but that’s what it looks like to me.

Photographs produced by the 13 mega pixel camera are definitely more crisp and defined. I like how sharp the images are produced, really. I am so amazed when I first snapped a photo with the phone when they first launched it.

Animated photo feature is one of my favourite features of all. But till now, I haven’t got around to test it out . And I still prefer calling them cinemagraphs. Can’t wait to produce some cinemagraphs and show them to you!

All of my friends are enjoying the Dual Camera Feature as much as I do . It’s so fun to confuse people. “Are you taking my picture or yours??”

One of the most difficult thing to do (For me) is to take a photograph of something and fitting myself into the picture ._. In this case, I was sitting down, trying to take a good photo of the Shake Aburi Maki (At Kampachi, The Plaza, Jaya 33. Review coming up next!) and myself…
The maki looks way better than me. Dammit.


Phone heats up pretty fast and when it’s hot, it’s really really hot. Then again, it is because Super Amber likes having 101 apps on. Once I end all the active apps, it’ll cool down pretty fast. So technically, this is still a plus point.


Gosh, I ¬†feel like such a school girl for separating everything into sections. Then again, it’s easier to read, don’t you think?

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Before hittin’ the Publish button, I want to thank Don from Manoah Consultancy and Samsung very very much for this opportunity to be a Samsung Evangelist!

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