The little things that count

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Thanks to Donovan Chan from Manoah and Samsung Malaysia, I got my hands on the Samsung Galaxy S4!

I really love the box that contains the phone itself . Not saying that I prefer it over the phone, don’t get me wrong. LOL, that’s be so ridiculous – Buying Samsung S4 because of the box, not the phone.
You rarely see a wooden phone box .. Or maybe I seldom buy phones. Lol. But the previous Samsung phones I bought (S1 and S2) came in normal hard cardboard boxes.
Beautiful little touch here, using a wooden box.

Upon opening the box, hunting for the USB cable and charger, Everything was in brown paper, not the usual white glossy paper. I actually find it nicer looking. Besides, not many people read the manual.. At least, I don’t. I would usually Google my problems. (Lazy Syndrome)

Look! Almost everything is wrapped in the recycle paper instead of the irritating black pokey wire and plenty of plastic bags.

Enough raving over my new S4 for now, I’ll brag more soon. :3

What else have I been doing lately?
Assignments.. Minecraft .

What a romantic/dangerous pool I have here.

An awesome cover on the new song by Daft Punk . Honestly, I don’t really like it compared to their old songs. This cover changes everything though.


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