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My muse left me for a good 6 months. I wish for her dearly to come back to me in some form.


Feeling so trapped in Malaysia. My creative box isn’t expanding.


At Mukha, TTDI.
Munch, munch, munch. If you can’t see the picture move, wait a while ! (:

Acting all cool and shit with our masks. Well, it’s the only time we can post a photograph like this and doesn’t look weird.

On the bright side, API is dropping (Puchong, KL side)

3 more days! I can’t wait to listen to their album! 28th June, guys!

Oh, and apparently Deadmau5 will be having performers touring with him now. Take a look at his first two models.

Looks a lil’ creepy isn’t it? BUT SO COOL . It weights 2,000 pounds, not kidding . Jeez, talk about abnormal performers. 😛 I wish he’d come down to KL to perform with these two babies.

Also, I found this while browsing through Monstercat’s YouTube channel. I… Didn’t think there was such thing as Glitch Hop. Lol. Sounds pretty fun. But out of the whole playlist, this was the only song I enjoyed cause of the mixture of old school stuff and Gameboy glitches. I don’t really like the sudden dubstep, everyone’s saying it’s not dubstep, it’s jazz glitch hop. Er. K. Doesn’t affect my life. (Fun Fact: Glitch emerged around about mid till late 1990s!)
If you like Gameboy glitches and all, you simply must check out songs from Crystal Castles or Xilent’s Boss Wave!


I am so mad at the staff at TTDI McD.. Really. Every single visit causes some sort of frustration for me.

First time I went, the chicken was so dry, I just couldn’t finish it. (Thinking, never mind, they’re new, it’s okay..)
2nd time I went, I ordered the burger, take away (Terrified of how bad the fried chicken would turn out), I was in a rush for an event, so I didn’t check before I leave. THEY FORGOT MY FRIES. I mean, must I really check, every single time?
3rd time, I ordered the fried chicken (Convinced by a friend, and I was craving for it), their idea of a thigh is this >
I couldn’t find a better picture of a fried chicken breast or keel , so this will do. Tsk, really. It isn’t that difficult to differentiate thigh and breast meat. Not like the frozen bag of Ayamas fried chicken, you can’t tell what’s what, not that I’m complaining about it, it’s so good.
4th time, which was today. I ordered Ayam McD Goreng Spicy. SPICY. SPICYYYYYYYYYYY. OMGGGGGGG . How can you not.. Gosh, I can’t even. -.- Real. I was actually happy when she understood what thigh meant. I was happier when she asked me, if I was okay with a thigh and drumstick (They ran out of thighs). I was so happy that their service improved… Untill I reached home. THEY GAVE ME ORIGINAL. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It was such a simple order.
Why must the McD near MY HOUSE be one of the worst McDs in Klang Valley.
Aside the unhappy/dissatisfying/annoyed/angry-fying situations I faced, I cannot comprehend their logic.


I don’t get it. Their 3rd counter is usually closed. Why do they have to cramp everyone like the picture above? (Sorry, I’m too frustrated to draw a nicer picture)
First of all, you confuse the bloody hell out of everyone. Nobody knows which bloody line to queue. I’ve seen so many people queuing at the wrong line and then they have to queue again. When they realized they need to queue again, there’s this frustration and annoyed look on their face. I mean, really. Unnecessary frustration. If you wanna tell me it is neat/systematic… Errrr, yeah it looks organised in the photo above but in real life, it looks like a bunch of humans standing around, waiting. But waiting for what, we don’t know.


I’m not gonna end my post with a terrible rant, here’s something for you guys. I find it pretty funny. Well, it’s a joke, I hope you’re not offended by it though.


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