8 Types of Malaysian Taxi Drivers I’ve Encountered

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I can’t believe I’ve never blogged about my pleasant and not-so-pleasant taxi experiences. I started taking cabs quite regularly when I started my Diploma in Mass Communication in IACT College 2 years ago. Usually when my mum can’t fetch me, or nobody to carpool with, I’d take the cab. And boy, the many experiences I had..

My FIRST DAY of college, I had half an hour to reach Jaya One from TTDI, and I got a cab within minutes upon reaching the bus stop. The guy said ‘OK.” when I mentioned Jaya One. I thought it was all cool till we reached the highway.

Taximan: Jaya 33 right?
Me: No, Jaya One.
Taximan: Ohhh, I don’t know the way lah.
Me: *panics* I also don’t know!!
Taximan: Nevermind, I ask for directions.

I panicked so hard. It was only my 2nd time going to Jaya One, so I don’t know the way there yet and my phone didn’t have data to access GPS. This ‘amazing’ taximan took me for a joyride behind Jaya One, circling around Section 13 and 14. When the meter reached RM20, he finally decided to use the right way to send me to Jaya One. The part I hated most about this panicking joyride was when he stopped by at some dodgy street, asking directions from a weird house, taking 10 minutes to chit chat/smoke. I mean, why not ask shopkeepers..? I panicked too hard to know what to do back then, two years ago. When I reached Jaya One, I was 15 minutes late for class, and I had to pay RM26 for the 40 minute joyride. Whoo-pee-do! He didn’t even offer to let me pay less, for making me late! That was my first and last time I ever got conned by a taxi man. Gosh, karma will hit him so hard, he wouldn’t see it coming!

Here’s the types of taxi men I’ve encountered (Thankfully, and touch wood, no rapist or perverted ones)

1. Think-Too-Hard Driver

I hate them. Most of the taxi drivers have this syndrome, I mean trait. They need their moment of silence before you can come in. I hate it especially when it is day time. It’s blazing hot you know! I especially dislike the ones who reject you after their 2 whole minutes of thinking. It’s not a algebraic question, why do they need to think so hard for?

2. Newbie Driver/Unfamiliar Driver

These are the ones who will say things like these:

“Err, can show me the way?”
“I don’t know where is that.”
“Errrrr….. Uhhhhhhh…. Okay lah. But you show me the way, can?”
“I’m not familiar with X area, you show me the way, can?”

3. Flat Priced Driver

Either their meters are spoiled or they just go by flat rate. You can find these mostly at taxi stands at shopping malls (Especially One Utama New Wing).

“Uhh, Taman Tun ah? OK. RM10”

Goodness, it only takes RM6 to reach home from One Utama, You want to charge me extra RM4? DREAM ON. I end up standing by the road side to get a cab instead because of these cheating flat priced drivers.

As for the “meter-spoiled” reason, I am thankful for those who gives me a decent flat price. (Eg: RM25 from Subang Jaya to One Utama, inclusive of jam and toll)

4. Mr. Formspring

“You live here ah?”
“Study here ah?”
“Are you a foreigner?”
“Local ah you?”
“Going shopping lehhhh?”
“Where you live? Still studying? How old are you? What you doing here? Meeting boyfriend ah?”

I don’t know what to think of them. I’m alright with some of them. I’m really annoyed at the ones who asks me really private questions.

5. Mr. Chatterbox

They talk about their ancestors till their great grandchildren or politics, about how I dress, how typical drivers are. Sometimes it’s fun to listen. Some of them would only talk a lot when they made a wrong turn (Regardless on purpose or not) and try to cheer the customer up.

6. False-Hopes-Driver

You see a taxi from afar… You don’t see anyone in it, so you put up you hand to stop the taxi… BUT NO. HE DRIVES FASTER, GOING PASS YOU, giving that “HAH! NO CAB FOR YOU, ┬áSUCKER” feel to you. Regardless of whether they’re picking up someone or they simply don’t want you, it’s very heart breaking to see a non-hired taxi drive past you. ):

7. Race Car Driver

Last but not least, the scariest but the fastest taxis ever. I had one encounter of this taxi man who really made me grab chair seat tightly, not moving a single bit. It was about 6pm, Sprint highway was jammed. He drove so fast, and braked so hard. THEN, there was an ambulance behind, after he let the ambulance overtake him, he drove so fast behind ambulance (Who wouldn’t?).


8. The Hotelier

Dayum, the taxi will look like any other taxis from the outside but when you step in, it’s like a whole different world! Okay, maybe not a different world, but it has curtains, nice smell, good cushions for extra support, the front passenger seat is pushed in front so you have more leg space.. Best taxi ever. I always loved that taxi that waits at Tropicana City Mall. Damn, his taxi is the best and most comfortable one ever!

What other types of taxi men have you guys seen?

Anyway, this video suits the blog post nicely although it’s more towards Singaporean taxi men. Kudos to Djehuty, Elliot and Foxy.


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