Samsung Get-To-Know-The-Bloggers Gathering

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Heyho! Last night, I attended a lil’ gathering at The Pool hosted by Don from Manoah Consultancy and Samsung. Aris and Karmun picked me up at about 6 something and we got lost.. So we reached at about 8pm. I’m so thankful for Aris and Karmun for the car rides to all of these events. Lots of love to them from me.

Don gave a few words, explaining to us about what this gathering is for.

While queuing up to get some food, camwhored a lil’ with Joanna. The queue was so long!

The salad was the best among the other stuff (Also the first to finish on the buffet line). Then again, how wrong can you go with salad right? The soup was a lil weird.. I finished everything except the soup.

We got to know some of the Samsung people after dinner, it was a lil’ difficult to hear each other though due to the blasting music but we managed.

With Michelle Chow
I believe it’s our first picture together!

Mike Yip bought some tequila shots, Julie and I played 5,10, 15 and 20. Hahhhh . She lost to me so badddd. 😛

Zana, Karmun, Julie and me.
Photograph by Mike Yip

Poor Jyurimay. 😛
When she sat next to me earlier, I self introduced to her. AGAIN. So embarrassing, but you can’t blame me.. She cut and dyed her hair. She has brown wavy hair with bangs now, I couldn’t recognise her. :O She looks really pretty with this hairstyle though!


I lost once, she lost to me 5 times. Lucky me! (: So in total, I had 2 and Julie had 6! Hahhh!


Ashley and I had a lot of fun at the photo booth too. Except that we had 10 seconds to think of a new pose, we were pretty stuck for 10 seconds. Too hungry, brain ain’t functioning.

A 4GB Samsung USB Wristband. 4GB. I meant it. It’s 4 bloody GB. DAYUM . I’m a happy girl.

Ohh! And I got this mini portable speaker from the party too! It’s actually good quality ! :O

Don’t freak out! It’s a fake lip ring. But it does give that Sudden Bad Ass feel to it. I usually use it as an ear cuff instead though, and speaking of ear cuffs, I lost my silver one at the Samsung party. ;_; The fan was blowing so, so hard, I kept having to push my hair behind my ear from time to time, I guess it fell off somewhere when I pushed my hair back. Sigh.


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