Smiley Saturday

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I was up at about 8 in the morning. My CSR classmates and I went to PPKKCTM yesterday morning to do some painting with them.

I told the naughty boys to call her Shortie. They were calling her Sister Shortie all morning. I felt so bad, I don’t think Szen will ever forgive me. Hahahh. Just look at them, all trying to make sure they are taller than her in the picture.
Earlier, before everyone came, these boys were asking me to go sit with them at the other sofa. They started showing me little magic tricks they have learnt from Cyril Takayama. Yes, apparently he came down to teach them a thing or two. I’m not too sure with the details, but they believed in him so, so much. I asked one of the boys, if he wanted to be a magician when he grew up… He stood up with pride and said, “Yes!”
They showed me a few magic tricks and I pretended to be so amazed (Well, I knew how their ‘magic’ worked.) and kept asking them how they did it. They would proudly say, “Magic!” With that cute hand gesture when famous magicians do it. Like this picture below. Really, I was imagining this when they said it to me. I couldn’t resist laughing. These kids are so wonderful, heart warming and happy-go-lucky kids.


When more of my classmates arrived, this little mischievous boy took Pat’s cool helmet and asked me to take a photo of him. He started to pose with it, and then he put it on. :O Now he looks like a skinny boy in an oversized helmet.

Some of my classmates were preparing the water colour for the kids while the rest of us entertained the kids. (Pretty chaotic, we didn’t have enough manpower!)


Szen, Turen and me wtih Daphne next to us.


Look at the amount of people there! The 9 of us couldn’t handle everyone for sure!


After the painting session, it was time we wash up. The sink was pretty far..
There was this little girl who I was painting with, numerous times when I asked her to move back a little, so I could put the art block on the floor for her, she would tell me she can’t. I never knew why until it was time to wash up. Her legs were so weak. I tried to carry her. I really did. I’m not strong enough to, I just fell back on my butt. She would tell me, “No need, I can crawl..” But she couldn’t crawl there because she would dirty the floor. So Ching and I helped her up and slowly walked to the sink. And after washing up, she told me, “Sister, it’s okay. Me crawl back now.”


Michelle and her Ben 10 man, Simon. Hey, his art matches his shirt!

Can’t resist, had to take picture with this little boy, Turen. Messy hair for me, but IT’S OK.

He’s such a naughty boy too, tried to shake around to make me fall down.

Bryan posing with these kids and their art work!


I loved the painting Turen did. It was so simple.. Just 4 dark blue hand prints.. But there’s a few strokes of these amazing colours. I don’t know, it’s just beautiful .

Kids just enjoyed painting us instead of the canvas. They think it’s really funny to paint on me . Pftt. Thank god I wasn’t wearing white or long pants.

The whole bunch of us with the kids!

On the way back at a traffic light, I spotted this . Talk about making use of the trend! Smart lady! I would definitely give it a go (Besides, Chemistry is my favourite subject) Yeahhh, free advertisement for her on my blog, anyone nearby Taman Megah needing Chemistry tuition, call her up! :O

I got this from The Bee some time ago last week too .

I didn’t think it was an invitation to a party.. The launch of the Empire of The Sun album. Dayum, it’s hosted by Deer Society too. What a cool invitation box.



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