Worn Out

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Last Week


At Potpourri, fiddling with my Samsung S4. I take more pictures with my phone now ._.

Refolded clothes for charity project we’re doing for a subject in college.. I picked up two tops and donated some money too.


Garena League of Legends Anniversary 2013. Shit man, the line was so long, it went behind FTZ . Ain’t nobody got time for that!
This guy here is playing LoL with a panda hat. I don’t know why but I saw many people in panda hats ._.

John being supportive at these events. He won’t be supportive anymore after he leaves for America to study . I’m really glad that I had a few friends to support me there.. They practically had to drag me out of the toilet after I changed.


Meet Jo, and Nick.


My one and only chance to be kawaii eh? Seize it ! Actually no, not really. This is like a mandatory photograph with John.

Sam and I . Yes, Sam Insanity actually tried to cosplay his version of Ezreal – Ezfail. With a hanger as his weapon. (And I thought my pathetic syringe was lame)


Cutest cosplay ever. He’s a tiny Karthus.


Audrey (Ix3Rukia) as Teemo and me as Nurse Akali.
I don’t cosplay.. It’s a one time thing, and it shall stay as a one time thing.


Ain’t this Queen Ashe cosplay so cool ? I pity her though, Under the blazing heat, she’s in that outfit. :O

We wanted to line up for the skin .. But err. No . Too much effort .


Oh, I gave up on Virtual Villagers 5 . After impregnating 30 over females, I think it’s enough . I don’t care about converting the orange and red masked villagers anymore. Or the achievements ;_; Now I’m just playing Eternal Garden and Rift since it’s F2P now :3


Szen insisted on taking a photograph. Say lah earlierrrrr, then we’d properly dress up to class. See us wearing dresses but in sandals. Then Miss Szen wearing Croc heels. Omg, her Croc heels, really. Weird looking pair of shoes, but I bet they’re so damn comfortable.

I’ve been buying this a few times already (So cheap and addictive)
It’s from Monster Bites, Regular fries with cheese topping! It’s about.. 6 bucks? Worth way more compared to the puny cheesy wedges from KFC that costs about the same price.

It’s so good and addictive, I got my classmates hooked on to it too. LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF CHEESE. *drools*


That satisfactory face.

They hid behind the door for a long time, waiting to scare the lecturer, and it failed so badly. She just walked right in so quickly, they had no time to respond.

I think this blog post is pretty random. I’m like jumping from 1 thing to another. I went to Kitchen Art Brasserie in Empire Hotel after class for pre ramadan review. Look… That’s only a quarter of the whole buffet spread.

I had a relatively great day. Nailed our presentations today, earned about 60 league points from 2 ranked games today too. 1 more game to my promo!

All photographs taken with Samsung Galaxy S4


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