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Oh, oh !! Some of the photographs I took for Phat Culture is up on their website!


I keep forgetting that it’s July already. Half of 2013 passed already! This means my last semester is ending real soon ! Whoopeedoo!!

I really like how my photographs look so nice and huge on my blog now but I feel really pathetic lately. I haven’t done anything to improve myself this year.. Especially in photography. On one of my last shoots, I think I did a terrible job. I didn’t like the photographs one bit. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t in control of the shoot. I’m shooting photographs blindly, not what I envisioned. Sucks, but I ought to work on photographing blindly. No such thing as being able to be in control in every shoot!

This is just part of some debris on the patio floor.. I found it cool, so I photographed it. Am I weird?

Dead dragonfly. But still so gorgeous to me.

And I found this sneaky girl trying to proclaim this photograph is her. Please. That’s not you, that’s one of my models, and her name is Sarah.

This is the real photograph.. If you take a look properly, it doesn’t even look like her one bit ._. But hey, I’m not gonna reveal her Facebook account. That’s unnecessary .. :X


Mini update! Jane is back in Malaysia, and we went out for dinner. I had a lovely time, just catching up with her. It’s nice to catch up with old friends once in a while.. :3 (I love the dual camera function on S4, really.)

I finally bought myself an Iced Doi Chaang coffee for the very first time. It’s really worth it to pay RM12.90 for a premium organic Arabica coffee, putting Starbucks to shame instantly. But if I drink this on a daily basis, I’m gonna be broke though. But it’s a must try! At least one time!! Coffee junkies will definitely enjoy it, really.

It’s located at Unit-E, no.49, LG2, Block D, Jaya One.. Opposite Pos Malaysia, near Monster Bites. It’s the only outlet in Malaysia that sells Doi Chaang Coffee.

Doi Chaang Malaysia Facebook


League of Legends rants

Oh I failed my promo match.. Can’t go up to Gold 4 ! Sigh .. Shall slowly climb up like how I did from Silver 1 to Gold 5.. ): The Vayne I was supporting thinks she’s a front liner. She just tumbles into the enemies’ faces. Cool.

For my first loss of my promo match, my mid lane Nidalee gave up, sold her items and bought wards. One of my teammates kept saying, ‘Don’t fuck up top lane. The last time I gave someone my top, they fed like fuck’ But guess what, he fucked up more than me. He came to every lane to feed, as a support. I don’t know how or why he was roaming in the first place.

I’ve started to learn top lane champs too. Started off with Shen actually. For the longest time, I only played Shen top. Nothing else. He’s probably my best top lane among my non existent top lane champion pool. I ventured to other champions 2 weeks ago such as Kennen, Ryze and Jayce. I am horrible at Ryze. So horrible. Most times my scores for Ryze are 2/15 or 4/7 .. That’s really pathetic scores. But I like playing Kennen top. He’s so fun and a big time lane bully. But I gotta work on being more aggressive and work on lane momentum. Pretty new to top lane, but at least I’m learning ! 😀 (Let’s skip Jayce for now, I just bought him and played 1 game with him, fed like mad too.)

What a fail. Chicks dig ELO you mean? I doubt 90% of the girls dig elo.

Alright, I’m done for today, I’m off to watch Skins Fire Episode 2 and off to college !


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