Dreamworks Experience, Macau #Day 1 (Part 2)

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Don’t you think it’s so beautiful? Everywhere you look in Sheraton Macau is just beauty. They pay good attention to details! The ceiling.. The flooring, pillars..

Meeting the characters of Dreamworks. I just had to censor my face cause I looked pretty horrible here.

I really pity the guy in the dragon costume . LOL

My mum on the other hand, wants to chop the dragon off.

I really like their security guard uniforms. It’s super bright yellow, cheers anyone up instantly!

Merchandise counter !

After meeting Kungfu Panda, Shrek and etc, we wen’t off on a sightseeing trip with a really rude tour guide. Well she was so rude till it started to get amusing.
Tour Guide: OK, everyone here? Hi hi, nice to meet chu, let’s go. *walks off*
She didn’t even take a look at us when she greeted us, she was just looking at her paper.


We got on to a Venetian bus.

First stop was A-Ma Temple.

Miss Tour Guide told us one of the good things the Portuguese left them was the floor tiling.

There were so many people visiting the temple. Overcrowded, I tell you.




Next stop was Ruins of St. Pauls.

It was scorching hot, everyone stayed by the left side of the stairs under the shade. It was pretty funny.

The amount of tourists in Macau is unbelievable. There’s really, really, really a lot of tourists here!

Council meeting! Hahah, just kidding, it’s just our tour guide explaining about the ruins.

Meanwhile, mum and I…

Yeah, camwhoring away.






Their mosaic pavement tiling’s so cool right??

I’m pretty sure you know where this is.. Macau Tower ! 😀

I got a lil scared. Just a lil … How can staring down like this not make my knees weak? :X

After that we visited a garden nearby Sheraton hotel. Cow-Sheep war! 😛

I liked how they used wooden cartoon-like animals and buildings instead of realistic plastic animals. It looks so much cooler like this, what do you think? They had duckies, windmils, chicken and cows. A pretty neat farm. 😀

And a real dog… That’s really real.

We had a Portuguese dinner at the Millitary Club. Pretty interesting place, but doesn’t exactly serve you great food.

On the painting above, the English and Mandarin subtitles don’t even tally . LOL.

I liked their cabbage-inspired plates. They look like they were carved from jade from far.

This was probably one of the nice items on the menu.

AND THIS ONE. The name is so complicated, I swear. But it’s so darn good. Well, I didn’t like the cotton-candy-like sugar on top (It looks cool though), I loved the muesli thingi with custard something.. Oh god, I didn’t know what I was eating, it was just so darn delicious.


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