It’s Hennessy Night! @ The Butter Factory

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I’m watching Tomorrowland TV Live on Youtube while writing this . It’s keeping me motivated to write about my night at The Butter Factory last Thursday night. Heee . Great way to start my Saturday morning! ^^

This is Yumi! She picked me up and sent me home that night. Many, many thanks to her! Check out her blog right here!

With a few of the other girl bloggers.

Oh! And congratulations to Yukiko and Nathaniel once again! Have you guys seen their pre-wedding photographs?? NO??? OMG, go check it out at Yuki’s blog !!!

Guess who came to join me at the party! Szen Cheam ♥

Szen Cheam, Jon Yip and I .

Many thanks to Donovan Chan of Manoah Consultancy for giving me such opportunities to join events like these! (: (I wasn’t ready for this photograph but it was the only one with Don and the other girls, ITS OK)

Look at what Zana is wearing!!! I felt a lil’ awkward cause I was just staring at her when she arrived, it made me look like I’m a jealous stalker or some shit . LOL, doesn’t matter. She’s so gorgeous, meant to be looked at. (;

I left early that night though, I missed out on Dj Ellie .

Many thanks to Jaz Khai for the photographs.

Till the next update! Ciao!

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