Skins Fire was Beautiful.

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Any Skins fans here? I finished episode 2 last night and I thought it was so beautiful. The grown up Effy was so beautiful. It hit me really hard when I could only watch her absorb all the pain and wrong doings.

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen Effy cry this way. Her silent cry was so impactful. I cried alongside with her. I just couldn’t help it. Number 1 Effy fan. I can’t believe she’s wearing heels now though ..

Don’t you think Jake, her boss looks like Freddie? Everyone knows Effy loved Freddie and she probably had that Freddie vibe with Jake. I was so surprised she showed her less ignorant/more verbal side of Effy towards him. It was like, whoa, Effy became a typical bitch ranting to her man.

Saw this on Tumblr.. Agree, totally.

And Naomi.. She was such a prick, but so was Effy. Effy was just being Effy. I feel that she absorbed Naomi’s pain and sadness. Every time Naomi gets pissed off with her, you could see it in Effy’s face. All that pain transferred over. Effy couldn’t even deal with Naomi’s cancer. She walked out on Naomi countless times because she just couldn’t cope.

I hated the part where Emily slapped Effy at the airport. It wasn’t even Effy’s fault. She would either piss off Naomi or Emily either ways.

Naomily fans are gonna cry so hard.. (Dayum, don’t they both look gorgeous?)

Effy definitely grew up.. Occasional screw up (a big screw up) but at least she grew up.

I can’t wait for Cook’s episodes. Cassie’s up next but Cook!!!!! It’s COOK! Ahhhhhhh. 29th July is so far away!

OH, before I forget, if you dig Effy’s clothing style this season, you can find out where to buy them right here ! (:


Today was #TeamAmberDee day.



We had lunch at Sushi Zanmai and then watched The Heat before heading home. The Heat was a darn funny movie. Lots of swearing, a predictable villain and ending but a lot of entertainment.

Hee. Toodles.

Self Reminder:

1. You need to replace your broken ring flash ASAP.
2. Finish your college projects!
3. Use up your remaining 13 shots on your film camera.


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