Thursday Blues

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My blonde ends turned out pretty nice, eh?

Lunch. Mama made a wrap for me today.

Delicious cauliflowers, capsicums, lettuce, carrots, mozarella cheese and ham wrap. *licks lips*

I found some pictures of Jolin that I didn’t post up.. My models can be really creepy sometimes ._. I love the picture below very much though.


We had our last Idea Conceptualism class with Miss Rachel today.. Next week would be our final presentation (Animatics) and then we’re done! (: Can’t wait!

I’m flying off to Macau tomorrow for the weekend. Then I’ll be really busy doing my college projects, editing photographs from Macau and photo shoots! Don’t miss me too much . (:


Ahhh!!! Don’t you think this vintage camera satchel look so good?? Well there’s better looking ones.. But damn ! I’d get that one day.. Not in great need of it yet. But I had to share it. It looks so gorgeous. The price is pretty too for good brands (Approx. RM200 and above for good ones).


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