Finale of Windchimes in a Bakery

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I had the chance to watch the whole series of Windchimes in a Bakery in GSC, Pavilion today.. We were there at about 10am, stood around for about an hour-ish, mingling around with the other bloggers and casts of the drama. They set up the place looking like a mini bakery within the cinema area. Pretty neat, I must say. The amount of bread and pastries they had there for breakfast was incredible too. About 11.30am, we were ushered into the cinema.

I tried so, so hard not to cry…. BUT NOPE, MY EMOTIONS DENIED ME. In all honesty, they were tugging on my heartstring the moment Dennis Lau played the official theme song for this series.. A violin and piano piece just hits the spot for me.. I didn’t feel that embarrassed to cry because the rest were tearing up too. Well, ONE tear rolled down my cheek, that’s about it. I don’t want to look all red and messy after the film .. Heh. Such a vain pot. 😛

Don’t forget to check out the FINALE of the series this 30th August! 😀 Yes, it’s tomorrow !! I’ll post up the link on my facebook page. (:

Dennis Lau played the theme song so beautifully ..

The bread is real. It’s R.E.A.L. Edible props, I tell you, I can take all of the bread and pastries there and it’ll last me two months.

Me, Sham and Cindy. (The two photographs by Isaac Tan)

Look at what I’ve got here! Doesn’t it look familiar? 😀 It’s a little souvenir from Samsung. Heheh It shall be my little reminder to keep striving for my dreams.

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