Harlem Globetrotters @ The Venetian, Macao

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On Day 2 of my Macau trip, I got to watch the Harlem Globetrotters. If they happen to be performing in Malaysia, do check them out! They’re hilarious! It’s not just another basketball match. It’s so entertaining, I swear.

It’s always this crowded, everywhere in Macau.

In the afternoon, we watched Turbo 3D @ DFS Galleria. Imagine that! Travel all the way to Macau to watch a cartoon movie premiere with celebrities and other media.

It was quite a walk to The Venetian. About 15 minutes from Sheraton hotel, and damn, the atmosphere changes instantly when you step into the Venetian.

The photographers had to wear these vests and got a chance to sit front row seats at the show.

Yeah, real front row seats by the basketball court, on the floor.

They have the coolest Reebok shoes ever.



They called him Justin Bieber. So mean, they tore off his clothes too. LOL

Security is pretty tight too. We went off during the half time and had to go through this to exit or reenter.

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