Make Way For Kapiti Ice Cream!

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Mum and I went to the launch of Kapiti, an award-winning gourmet ice cream, in Malaysia was held at Masak Masak, Ben’s Independent Grocer, Publika earlier this afternoon.

En. Shamsul Amree Salleh (Head of Inflight Services of Malaysia Airlines), Mr. Matt Ritchie (New Zealand Trade Commissioner) and Darren Tan (Head of Sales and Marketing of Sungei Timur Sdn Bhd) officially launching Kapiti’s great entrance to Malaysia.

Woo! Okay, now let’s skip to the fun part.

Chef Maria Conte sharing with us a few ways to enjoy Kapiti Ice Cream.

I kinda found this a lil waste of energy and time ): I couldn’t really taste much of the lemon when you eat the ice cream.

Eating Kapiti with fresh fruits (In this case, fresh berries) is more refreshing and not so jelak . 😛

I had a glass of Affogato with Kapiti Ice Cream, it was just so, so good, I tell you. I didn’t take a picture of it though It tasted so good, I gobbled it up instantly.

Wanton skin with Kapiti Ice Cream ala sandwich . Did I say wanton? Yeah I did ! What an oriental way to eat ice cream! (:

Skip the ordinary icing on cupcakes, use Kapiti Ice Cream instead! 😀


Stock for the next few months. My family is gonna grow a lil’ fatter by end of the year..


I can’t wait for them to bring in Feijoa Ice Cream into Malaysia. I had my first Feijoa when I visited my sister in New Zealand. I don’t really know how to describe it anymore because it was so long ago! ): But I do know that I really, really liked Feijoa.


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