New Clothes and Lunch with Friends!

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Yay, I got my skirts from Phat Culture!

Red Basic Textured Skater Skirt
I like this skirt a lot. And it’s pretty heavy/thick so it hangs on my waist nicely.

Pastel Pinafore Skater Skirt in my favourite colour! Damn, I need to iron it.

Last Saturday, we had a mini luncheon at Chris‘ house. Her dogs are really cute. That’s Kikko getting comfy underneath our legs from time to time, the more manja one.

Lunch was really really good, we were all so full! All of us finished our rice because the curries, sambal petai prawns were so, so good. (Of course, nobody could enjoy them entirely without rice!)

We had a good time for a couple of hours… Then she brought out dessert. T_T Sinful! I had 3 pieces of banana cake soaked in Hennessy, salted gula melaka and vanilla ice cream on top. So sinful, but it was so good, sin didn’t matter anymore.


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