Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite Launch @ DPAC, Empire Damansara

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While walking towards DPAC, I saw this. What a rare sight! Empire Damansara is actually still under construction, and as far as I can see, DPAC is the only thing that’s open here. Apparently it’s been here for about a year already ! :O

When I arrived, I saw a few men putting these up. It’s kind of like the floating umbrellas in Portugal. Probably the same concept. Pretty lovely, huh?

At the entrance of DPAC, there’s prettily arranged light bulbs above that spells out DPAC.

They have this ADORABLE giraffe on display. It’s impossible to miss it when you step into DPAC. It’s almost as tall as me .

LOOK AT THAT FACE and it’s shiny metallic eyes..

Reminds me of the PIXAR lamp but an oversized bright orange version.

During the launch, Kwon Jae Hoon, the Managing Director of Samsung Malaysia Electronics spoke English perfectly, with his Korean accent of course. He talked about how Malaysians preferred notebooks that has powerful multitasking abilities AND easy mobility.

To cut things short, let me tell you the KEY POINTS of this wonderful gadget, well explained in layman’s terms.

*128GB Solid Sate Drive (SSD)
With SSD, enables you to start up your notebook in 8 seconds!

*Quad-Core Processor & AMD Radeon HD 8250 Graphics
Well, it’s not meant for heavy gaming (Battlefield 3, Fallout New Vegas or Alan Wake is out of the question here), but it’s enough to handle Adobe softwares and other design/audio/film softwares. It’s a LITE notebook, meant for you to bring it around at ease. With a fast processor and a decent graphics card is good to go! (:


Let this video explain it all. It’s so damn cool, I tell you. It’s so perfect for people like me, once you’re on your computer, you forget about your phone. I always have the tendency to ignore messages and sometimes phone calls when I’m on my laptop ….. Hehe.. (^_^)ゞ

*180 degrees position

Yes, you can do that with this notebook.

*Light weight
At a whopping 1.44kg (1.58kg for touch screen), carrying this around wouldn’t be much of a problem unlike my 4kg gaming laptop. Besides, it’s only 13.3 inch, girls can totally fit this into their big bags with no problems at all.

The speakers in at the back of the laptop (Trololol, it took me and Sandy a while to figure out where the speakers were..) Since the notebook is designed slightly concave at the bottom, the quality of the speakers isn’t affected at all. In fact, for a tiny notebook, it’s as loud as my current laptop! :O
SoundAlive is an audio tech that automatically adjusts to sound quality by analyzing the source. So when you switch to drum and bass from jazz, your speakers adjust it to the way it’s meant to be heard. (I hope I’m not confusing you)


Battery Life?
8 hours of prolonged usage

Marble White – Non-touch screen
Mineral Ash Black – With touch screen

Marble White – RM1,999
Mineral Ash Black – RM2,399
(Retail Price)

More details?
Click here!

Other cool factors?
The screen is protected with a layer of Gorilla Glass, has only 2 USB ports and huge trackpad with ample of palm space.

Goodness, I can never get the dual camera function right. Either I look bad or the main photograph looks bad.

I didn’t bother taking many good shots of the laptop. You can get a way, way, wayyyyyyyyyyyy better photos of them on Samsung’s website.

But dayum, son ! Look at how thin it is!

The edge of the laptop almost as thin as my phone.

I’mma end my blog post with two really adorable commercials for this notebook . You HAVE to watch it ! 😀

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