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Last night, mum, Derek, Chris and I went to Topshelf for a food review. I like this place very much, especially when it is a French restaurant within my housing area. HEHE.

The interior of the place is pretty simple. Nothing very fancy, accompanied with a small menu.

When you walk in, you can see some pictures hanging on the wall on your right. They have all sorts of extraordinary pictures hanging there. I liked the two photographs on the bottom right. The red image is an abstract illustration of a strat. On it’s right is a black and white photograph of a dark and eerie-looking alleyway.

Les escargots au beurre (RM26)

Pumpkin ravioli (RM25)
This is absolutely divine. I don’t really fancy pumpkin, but I quite like this. I would definitely order this again when I come back for a 2nd visit.

Pesto capellini (RM22)
A light angel hair pasta entree with toasted pine nuts in pesto sauce, topped with shave parmesan cheese with an extremely light hint of truffle oil. It’s slightly different from the usual pesto pasta which is already mixed up with the sauce. This is perfect for small eaters because the portion is pretty small as it’s served as an appetizer, not a main course.

Moules mariniere (RM34)
This is for the dull rainy days where you just want to go out in your sweater and have a warm soupy meal. The sweet stock is perfect to dip your bread!

Confit Pork Belly (RM38)
This is a new item that’s recently added to their menu (On their blackboard actually..)
It looked like the Chinese roast pork, but nope! It’s done in a completely different way because it is a confit. The meat is softer compared to roast pork and even the crispy skin taste and crunch differently! It’s more of a solid crunchy skin instead. I have no idea how to explain how wonderful this dish is, you just have to go and try it! Other than the main attraction here, the potato mash taste real good too. High quality ingredients definitely makes a huge difference.
Mum wasn’t sure whether she liked the skin or the meat more. Well, that’s a good thing, isn’t it? Hahah.

 Bouillabaisse with spicy rouille (RM48)

 Confit de canard (RM36)

Apple tarte tatin (RM21)
For a small menu, their selection of desserts are pretty good. They have about 5 choices for you to choose from. We had 4. 😛 The panna cotta wasn’t really ready yet, and we were pretty full already, so we skipped it.
Now, DON’T YOU THINK THE APPLE TARTE TATIN LOOK SO UNIQUE? Sorry for the caps, just over-excited. LOL. In all honesty, when Chef Christopher told us he was serving us the Apple tarte tatin, I wasn’t quite keen on it…. Changed my mind instantly after tasting this beautiful creation. Especially when eaten with the ice cream and coffee soil next to it.

 Champagne mille feuille (RM23)
Note: This is not meant for sharing.
Well, first off, it’s a pretty small dessert. And to divide it into.. 4, is kind of sad ._.

Mousse au chocolat (RM23)
Super rich eggless chocolate mousse. Yes, eggless but you must, must, must try this! It’s so light and fluffy, you can eat the whole cup of it and still have room for more desserts.

Creme brulee (RM21)
Their signature dessert. It’s heavenly, I need not to say more.

Chef Christopher

The two owners of Topshelf, Hairenna and Christopher.

Topshelf (French Restaurant)

61, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 60000
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: 03-7727 7277

Dinner only (4pm-12 midnight)
Closed on Sundays

One thought on “Topshelf, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

  1. I like the food here, it’s impressive. But two things I must share abt my dining experience in TopShelf. I brought my kids for a dinner there and I do hope the owner respect us by not smoking in d restaurant wz her personal friends. The restaurant prepared baby/toddler’s high chair so I believe it meant to also serve families? I do hope she as food n beverage biz owner should understand this simple rule as respect to her patrons, do not smoke in an air-cond restaurant, especially in such a nice ambience. Well, there are 2 tables wz ash trays allocated out there I believe it’s a smoking zone. I never expect I got home wz smoky shirts n hair included my kids, after d dinner. I think d biz owner shld also respect customers in overall aspect. Even a small courteous gesture, customers would definitely sense it n feel welcome.

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