30 Day Self Portrait Challenge

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Yukiko told me about the 30 Day Self Portrait Challenge last month and a few of us decided to do it together with a hashtag – #30selfieaug and only using our Samsung S4.

This is the start of my 30 Day Self-Portrait Project. Starting with the very sick me, coughing non stop, accompanied with blood red nails. Can’t wait to get better!

Day 2: Bake red bean buns! My red bean buns are delicious, would you like to try them? (;

Day 3: Braids to sleep.


Bought a new skirt.


Wear your heart on your cheek.

Lazy t shirt night. Home all week…

Lunch Time.

Day 10: Exposing my ‘tanduk’ (horns)

So tell me… What is your dream? (Today’s special #30selfieaug)

Starbucks time!

“See! That’s what happens when you play too long!” Gee, who would notice?

Today’s #30selfieaug is suppose to scare you. Boo.

Doing what I do best…

Anything for fried chicken.

Bringing my 2 babies along to Dee’s house tonight. Samsung S4 camera for the win.

Photoshoot day.

My hair looks great.

Guinness and me tonight.

Kapiti Ice Cream.

Sunny day today.

Seldom have so much makeup on, this is rare. (I still prefer less makeup though)

Peterpan-collared top by Forever 21, Textured red skater skirt by PhatCulture


I’ll be watching the FINALE of Windchimes in a Bakery in the cinema! It will be out on YouTube on Friday! (:

Almost the end of my #30selfieaug

All mine. Nobody touches my muruku!!! o(>.<)o

What a way to end my #30selfieaug challenge – Gaming. I had a tournament today, but we lost during the 3rd round. Boohoo! Shall try again for the next week’s!

All photographs are taken with my Samsung S4 only. I really love the S4 front camera. Suits me well.

This month, Yuki suggested vintage theme! I’ve already started! Follow me @firelyamber! (:

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