4 Girls and The Great Honda Hybrid Discovery!

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Julie and I had the Honda Civic Hybrid ( Crystal Black Pearl) for 3 Days and 2 Nights! It’s great being part of The Great Honda Hybrid Discovery! Don’t be jealous now.. We’re not the only lucky ones being able to experience a Honda Hybrid car, you can too!

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Take a peek at the interior of the Honda Civic Hybrid! I took this photo from the driver’s seat of course.  Doesn’t it look so sleek? Writing this blog post makes me miss it so, so much. ):

This is how the backseats look like. Do you see that air vent on the right side? No, that’s not an extra air cond but that’s the Intelligent Power Unit (IPU) airflow vent which helps to keep the Intelligent Motor Assist (IMA) battery cool and longer lasting. Neat, huh?

The keyless Smart Entry
GIRLS! You don’t need to search your bag frantically for your car keys anymore! Just walk up to your car and open the door! You have to be right next to your car door though, the sensor range is quite small, for safety reasons, I’m sure. Well, this keyless Smart Entry allows you to be more wary of your surroundings. It may sound very dangerous that it auto unlocks the car when you’re next to your vehicle.. But I find it very useful for those who always can’t find their keys in their bags.

1 safety tip is to quickly get into the car and lock the doors before anyone tries to reach out for you! Well, that’s the whole point of the keyless Smart Entry.

Dashboard Do you see the screen on the top left? That’s the i-MID Screen Display.
Ohh! I like how the speedometer changes colour! Well, it’s not done that way just for fun.. It informs about your driving style!

Green: Fuel efficient driving
Blue-Green: Moderately fuel efficient
Blue: Uneconomical driving Pretty cool huh? 😛 You can always opt to tell your passengers that your Civic Hybrid is funky that way though .. 😛

The red button at the bottom left is the ON/OFF button of your vehicle. It’s so cool that you just need to push the button to start up your car.
I had such an embarrassing moment when I picked up the car. I didn’t know much about the Honda Hybrid cars (Actually, I don’t know much about cars in general) and it was my first time driving a Honda Hybrid car… With a keyless Smart Entry…. That has the Engine Start/Stop button. I sat in the driver’s seat and didn’t know what to do. Don had to teach me how to start up the car.

First press the red engine button
Next, step on the brake pedal and press the red button again!

It was that easy.. There’s the instructions on the screen too, I don’t know why I didn’t read it. Quite stupid of me, I know.

You can control the i-MID screen with the steering wheel switch control.
You have 6 screens.
1. Fuel Consumption
2. Eco Assist Scoring
3. IMA Motor Assist
4. Time Display
5. Wallpaper (I didn’t put one, so I have no picture for it.)
6. Music! (Yes, I was listening to Dissolved Girl by Massive Attack)

Say hi to the steering wheel.
On the left, you have the audio control and the i-MID screen controller on top of it. Damn ! One thing I forgot to try was the cruise button ! Arghhh. Anyone who has tried it, do tell me how it was!

Bottle holder next to the hand brake.
I’m not gonna bore you with too much about the car specs and what not, you can always visit the Honda Malaysia website for more information. Here’s the direct link – Click me!

So how’s the ride?

In total, I think we drove for about 3 hours. And the petrol meter didn’t even move that much. Really saves you a lot of money in the long run.
The car definitely is more powerful, you can feel the difference. I don’t even need to explain much. Anyway, I think it’s sufficient enough for a daily car.

Honda Civic Hybrid (Left) and the Honda CR-Z Hybrid.
On Saturday, Yukiko, Sui Ying, Julie and I took our Honda Hybrid babies on a joyride, down to Setia Alam for the Honda Roadshow!

At about 10am, I drove to Julie’s place. She took over the wheel after that. She’s definitely a better driver than I am, and I ain’t complaining about being the passenger. HEH. HEH. HEHH!

What I like about the Honda Civic Hybrid:

1. Fuel efficient!
Therefore, less pollution and save cost on the long run! Yay!
2. High Performance
For a hybrid car, the performance is at least 8/10!

After meeting up with Yuki and Sui Ying, we drove to Setia Alam! 😀 We arrived at about.. 11am because of an unnecessary jam on LDP. We saw a ‘fountain’ caused by a water pipe burst, everyone just slowed down to take a picture of it. (You can see the ‘fountain in the video I’ve made at the end of the post)

Shoes of the day and the pic of 4 of us (Julie, Sui Ying, Yukiko and me)

Entrance to the Honda Hybrid Family Road Trip 2013!

At the roadshow, we learnt about how the Honda’s i-VTEC engine is assisted by the Intelligent Motor Assist (IMA)

Two is definitely better 1! Woohoo!

Julie and I both bought a bow. They’re so pretty, we couldn’t resist!
By Herz



Cutest sock dolls EVER! Check out their stuff here!


After the roadshow, we were off to Taman Botani Negara. Bukit Cahaya. LOL . It was scorching hot, we all were almost dying. But the drive to Bukit Cahaya was so syok!

After a long walk at Bukit Cahaya, we drove back to SS15 to have some milk tea. I managed to snap this picture of this guy . I didn’t manage to see what he was selling though.

It was my first time at Bear Paw! I had Brown Rice Milk Tea for about RM7. It’s so, so good!


Julie and me. She introduced the brown rice milk tea. Yum yumsss !

Ohh! Before I end my blog post, take a look at this video on our Honda Hybrid Roadtrip! Enjoy! (:

Honda Malaysia

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