BCL’s Kawaii Makeup Workshop – Shibuya Girl!

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I had so much fun at the makeup workshop last Sunday. It was my first makeup workshop and I really learnt a lot from Mr. Tanabe from Japan. Although… Personally, I don’t like putting a lot of makeup on myself (Or rather I don’t know how to do it the right way)

A Before-Makeup Picture.

Our workstation! (: (Gee, I need to learn how to take proper panaromas that won’t distort the table. Hahah)

Don’t these look so cute? 😀


Mr. Tanabe started of with foundation powder and then they eyebrows. I swear, I don’t know a thing about using an eyebrow pencil..


I swear, at certain angles, I can make myself looking like a monkey.

After that, he continued with the eyeshadow, gel eyeliner and liquid eye liner respectively. Look at the eyeshadow pencil above! It’s soft and spongy and super easy to apply.  


After that he taught us to put on mascara of 3 very different types. Starting with the Volume Lash Fiber, Lash Curler Express and finishes off with Lash Sculpture

He put it on the other bloggers and we can see the hugeeeeeeeeeee difference! :O


Look! Left side is with all 3 mascaras applied.


This one has a huge difference too!

After the makeup workshop, they gave us chocolates that they brought all the way from Tokyo! So sweet of them!


With Yeeing


So this is my sort of end product. Acting so 可爱 (Cute) right. Only know how to act, but in real life, so rough and un-ladylike.
I didn’t exactly have much time to do my makeup (Also skipped the blusher) and listen to Mr. Tanabe at the same time. I was too intrigue at what he’s saying. All the tips he has shared with us are really useful. One of the tips, he said I should blend dark brown and light brown for my eyebrows to match my hair (Of course, not too extreme). Also, he said, while using the Lash Curler Express, when you reach the end of your lashes, hold for 3 seconds .


The workshop lasted for about two hours. They gave us a bag with lots of goodies inside!


They gave us an eyeshadow, gel eyeliner pencil, mascara and a face wash that can remove natural makeup. Oh! And they gave this little limited edition mascara!

Eyeshadow, Eye Liner and the Mascara.

The limited edition mascara.

The Tsururi  Ghassoul Paste! I have yet to try this. Will make sure I do another blog post about this! (:

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