Fa Ying by Rama V, Paradigm Mall (Modern Thai Restaurant)

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When I first saw Fa Ying, I thought it was a Chinese restaurant. Really! Don’t you think ‘Fa Ying’ sounds like a Chinese deity’s name or something similar? But no, Fa Ying actually means princess and it is the name of Rama V’s sister. Pretty neat huh?


Beautiful evening drive !


Lemongrass Basil Quencher (RM10++)

It’s like one of those refreshing drinks you get before a spa treatment. Or at least, every time I drink a lemongrass drink, I’m transported into this tranquil world… NO, I’M NOT EXAGGERATING!


Long Thai Iced Tea (RM28++)

Just like Long Island Tea, but with Thai Tea.. It’s really strong, I must warn you.

Mieng Kam (RM7++)

Served in tea cups! Although I enjoy traditional way of eating Mieng Kam, this is just splendid for those who just want to munch away delicious Mieng Kams and concentrate on making conversations.. 😛 See the idea of these ready made Mieng Kams?? 😀

Pa Duk Fu Kap Apple Salad (RM18++)

Soft green apple salad with crispy catfish. This is my favourite from Fa Ying. It’s refreshing, sour and just addictive! Well, there’s no strong fish smell, don’t worry, it’s just fried catfish.


Burger Tod Mun Pla (RM17++)

Thai Fish Cake Burger served with traditional som tam and som tam tod (Deep fried papaya salad). I bet you’ve never imagined eating thai fish cake ala burger! Well, you can try it right here at Fa Ying, Honestly, it’s not too bad! Although, I kinda deconstructed it to eat… Burger’s a lil’ too huge for me. The som tam tod is okay for me (Mama likes it very much), I think it’s because it’s deep fried, I find it a lil’ too oily for me. Then again… My family doesn’t consume that much oil. Personal preference. Hehe.


Spaghetti with Thai Green Curry “Pesto” (RM21++)

Now this is unique. I had a really cheesy French Pesto pasta at Topshelf, but this is completely different from that one. Of course, the main reason for that is because they mixed a bit of green curry into the pesto. The pesto still overtakes the overall flavour but with a light hint of green curry, it adds excitement! The grilled chicken compliments the pasta pretty well too.

Deep Fried Mango with Ice Cream (RM16++)

This is a really good idea.. It taste really nice too, but mum and I wished there was more mango in it. I actually like it a lot! It’s not as ‘jelak’ as the traditional mango sticky rice. The ice cream is no big deal, it’s just strawberry ice cream.

Green Curry Chocolate Cake (RM12++)

Where’s the green curry in this!??! Judging by the name, you would probably expect a green coloured dessert. Tsk! Well, the green curry flavour in infused with the cream! It’s not a heavy flavour but just a light after taste to the chocolate cake. I ate the cream before the chocolate cake, so I could really taste the faint green curry flavour. If you’re looking for a stronger green curry cake (I don’t know who would want to..), I suggest you order a separate green curry and dip the cake in it ! LOL. I’m just kiddin’..

Fa Ying by Rama V

Boulevard, Paradigm Mall
(Next to Embershoppe, opposite Bulgogi Brothers)
Tel: 03-7451 2933

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