Wednesday Wonders

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I had to deal with Black Screen of Death (BSOD) again yesterday, this time it took me nearly 6 hours to fix.. So depressing, I know. But I managed to fit in a tiny self shoot. These are paintings I made when I was about 10-12 years old. I learnt the techniques from an art center nearby my house.

This is ON DISPLAY on my fridge. HEHE. After painting the sky blue, I sprinkled some salt over it while it’s still wet. I remember I failed doing the snow effect a couple of times, wasting about 5 art blocks.. ):


This is ON DISPLAY on the fridge too! HEEE. My teacher gave us newspaper cutouts of various dogs.. I chose this one cause it was the most adorable one. No, I didn’t forget to draw it’s other eye. It’s fur was so long, it covered it’s eye. (No, it’s not a cover up!!!)

I kept this in one of my folders. Good to see that it’s well preserved, although it was folded into 4… This was my favourite type of painting. Or maybe, I’m just bloody darn lazy. You just need a big flat art brush, paint yellow across, followed by orange and red.. Sometimes I’d add a bit of purple too.

Found this photograph when I was clearing up my external hard disk .. 2012 folder had 80gb worth of pictures and I wanted to throw away the work-related pictures.. Gee, I really love my room windows. -.-


Ohh, and I found this. I took this a month ago when I found out that I couldn’t do the ‘gun sign’ with my right hand because my middle finger would stick out….. It’s not on purpose, I swear! And this seems very lame, I know, but it’s one of those little things you learn about yourself.. LOL . Pat took a video of me trying to do it properly.. It was a pretty funny video. Can’t seem to upload it at the moment though..

That’s about it for today, will update my blog again this Friday! Got a food review tomorrow night. (: Look out for it!

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