2 Days Till Circuit Night!

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2 more days till the very first¬†innovative Formula One lifestyle experience! If you guys haven’t purchased either the Gold Label Reserve, go purchase it now!!
It is best that you buy the offer of 2 Gold Labels and 2 Black Labels at the price of RM1,688 nett! You get 12 invites for that ! Just split the cost among 12 friends, you’ll be paying RM140 per person only. Hey, for 4 bottles man, that’s actually pretty decent pricing there.

I just had to post up this picture of DJ DD Lee because I found a picture of her holding a Daft Punk vinyl. Maybe she’ll play a couple of their songs that night. I can’t wait to check her stuff out, really. Anyway, she’s friggin’ hot! Who

Check out their latest Step Inside episode featuring Jensen Button in Singapore!


Damn, now I need to decide what to wear that night. Any suggestions?

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