3 Days Till The Launch of The Roof!

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Last Saturday, a bunch of us attended The Roof’s soft launch. Well, it was still under construction, but we could visualize the completed outlets. It already WOW-ed me, can you imagine when the place is done? They have about 5 amazing outlets of different atmospheres.

Beer and/or sport lovers, this is where you would want to be catching the latest sport matches. It’s race track flooring (Also a patch of grass) and wooden tables & chairs will make you feel like in a stadium. Plus, with a couple of drinks in a cozy place (Minus the sweaty humid outdoor air), this is the perfect place to watch a few matches after work.

A new club in PJ area. What more can I say? Before I elaborate on the club, almost everyone I know who lives in PJ area has been dying for a happening club within PJ area. I believe nobody will be heading down to Gardens in the next couple of months after PLAY opens. Okay, back to PLAY, it can accommodate 600 pax. Gee, they can have a mini concert in there yo. Which they can, because they have a stage that allows them to host live concerts! Whoopeedo!

Fine dine restaurant that has many similarities to The Hill in Damansara Heights. Expect fine dine international cuisine here.

An open air bar where you can with a retractable ceiling so you can watch the stars with your date (;

Huge space, perfect for events, parties and weddings! This champagne bar with a 360 degree view of KL and PJ on infinity grassed helipad is absolutely breath taking. It’s somewhere you just need to go to at least once. Just to get that amazing view of where you grew up.

Sui Ying, me, Jennifer and Sidney. (Photo credits to Isaac Tan)

They took us on a tour of their unfinished outlets with a personality elaborating on the outlet.
Signature is on the other side, nearest to the lifts, actually.

At Malt & Leaf, it’s next to Play.

You get the most amazing sunset views here.

Well, you can tell that they still had a lot to do here. Ohh, they have a walk in glass cigar room. Pretty awesome eh?

The lift to Stratosphere. Walking up the stairs is definitely way faster. I find it quite funny that the lift looked like a glass cage for human pets for viewing pleasure. LOLOLOL, wild imagination I had .

Well, to be fair, we got into the lift to try it out. We had to hold the button down till we reach our destination. It was damnnnnnnnnnn slow.

But looking up was beautiful. It’s fine being slow because you get to look at the simple pretty lift lights above you.

I just love how my S4 can take such amazing paranomas.

Sui Yin and I. Yukiko and I

 The Roof
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