Breaking Bad in a Week

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Happy Monday! I finished watching all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad in a single week. That pretty much explains how lifeless I have been lately. My friends asked me what I’ve been doing after I graduated In August.. Well, I’ve been going to plenty of different events, playing too much PC games, went to a short trip to Singapore and blogging a lot.

It’s no different for the past week, except that I was watching Breaking Bad while blogging and in between my games.

Jon introduced Breaking Bad to me.. He stopped watching halfway, but I continued and finished the whole series. I must say, it’s one of a kind. It’s one of those few tv series where the main character/protagonist turns into an evil mastermind/antagonist.

They have their trademark in filming as well. They often filmed from a POV angle of important objects and hand gestures. They do it really often actually, to almost all of the key objects like the not-so pure and blue meth Todd cooked and the barrel of money Walt had. That’s like the maximum level of emphasis. Lol.

It’s a really nice tv series, I must say. He first started off as ‘doing it for my family, my children.’ but ended up enjoying cooking meth and eventually included that he did it for himself, because he liked it. No doubt, in the end, he did make sure his son received his hard earned blood money. His family is still the biggest reason of his way of earning money. Enjoying the work is a bonus (Although he did hell too much bad things just to continue making meth, being in control of the empire).

Anyway, on good days, mum would make the loveliest dinners, and most times I would be watching breaking bad while having dinner. Like the photograph above, I had my all time favourite hot fried chicken and two slices of cheese on toast. Best part, I was watching the part where Hank finds out that Walt was Heisenberg. Jeng jeng jeng !



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One thought on “Breaking Bad in a Week

  1. hey there weird dotter o mine,

    jeng jeng jeng indeed and in the end killed every body…what a lovely finale.

    Allow me to introduce you to another epic drama. Unlike Jon, I followed through and watched till the bitter end. All 16 1-hour episodes. No, not mad men (although you really, really should IF you plan to launch your PR career…don’t want you to be clueless when them advertising types allude to this infamous must-know, must-see crap do we?)

    I have also blogged after an absence of…oh months and months, maybe a year even. It’s a bigeee. And it’s been eating me up for months.

    You have been warned.

    The reason I did it is…jeng jeng jeng: just in case I die before the relevant party reads it. Can you print it out and hand it over to the “relevant party”?

    Just in case I die that is.

    The article is here:

    Or here:

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