Favourite Dishes at Lammeeya

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Who said you HAVE to order Lam Mee at Lammeeya? Time to order something a lil’ different!

6 different types of herbal soups to choose from. I personally love the ginseng soup (RM12.80).

Pork Lard Steamed Rice (RM3)
Better eat it while it’s still hot!

Deep Fried Tofu (RM8.80)
Warning! It’s super, super hot! Be careful when you eat it. But with such crispy tofu, super soft inside, it’s quite difficult to eat it slow and steady. It’s just too good. Especially if you drench the whole tofu in the sauce served with it.

Steam pork with dong choy (RM19.80)
Saying this dish is delicious is an understatement.

Assam Prawns
Argh, I forgot the pricing for this one, but I absolutely love this. I prefer this to the assam chicken as well. Goes well with the pork lard steamed rice!

Royal Milk Tea

Sharing my favourite dishes with my Samsung S4.

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