Johnnie Walker Vrooms Into Town, Korean Style

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Last Friday night was one of the best nights I had for months. Johnnie Walker definitely brought the Korea down to Butter Factory.

I paired a red textured skater skirt with my black corset top.


Ashley, Yeeing, Yuki and I.
The pre-DJ was pretty amazing too. Skipped most of the mainstream songs and played a couple of nice progressive house music.

We share the same surname and almost a similar name. Su Ting and Sui Ying. But nope, just to clarify, we’re not sisters. Haha.

Jennifer, Yeeing, me and Yukiko

And then Ashley joined in.

The whole lot of us, including Alicia.

With the Circuit Night cocktail by Johnnie Walker. Matches my outfit, doesn’t it? (:

This one is with a glass of their Fresh Gold cocktail – Gold Label and Lime Juice

They had this group of girls performing a dance to Korean songs.

DJ DD Lee was unwell that week, so DJ Show (Facebook Page) took over the scene that night. As much as I was so excited about DJ DD Lee, DJ Show rocked the club that night. Things really got heated up when she took over. She had a pretty amazing mix for us that night.

She looks so chic here, with short hair and all. She was so in the zone too when she took over the DJ table, playing awesome tracks. Let me share with you some of the tracks DJ Show and the pre DJ played that night. I’m only sharing a few though. (;

Quite nice huh? (: Unique would be the word, actually. I don’t usually listen to stuff like these, but it’s quite a nice change in a club. They didn’t play as much mainstream songs as usual. I appreciate that very, very much.

Many girls there dressed up according to the theme of the night : Black or Gold/Korean Fashion. I saw many dressed up like this. Pretty nice eh? I’m thinking of finding a top like that. It looks awesome.

Overall, it was a great night. We had so much fun, we were so reluctant to leave. We stayed on for another hour before heading back home. We had to, because we needed to rest up for the Kiss Me event the next day.

I can’t thank Johnnie Walker Malaysia enough for the exclusive invite to their Circuit Night Korea event!

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