Ramen Taiko, Mont Kiara Shoplex

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I was so exhausted from travelling back from Singapore and going for a food review at night, but boy, no regrets. No regrets at all!

When mum and I reached the restaurant, we saw two outlets side by side. Ramen Taiko and Taiko Sushi and Salad Bar. Well, you can sit in Ramen Taiko and order from the Sushi and Salad Bar and vice versa.

Ramen Taiko makes me feel very homely. It’s not a huge restaurant but the food is spectacular for the price you pay.



Iced Lemon Green Tea
Their signature drink. It’s more refreshing than the ordinary Iced Lemon Tea.

Mini tofu appetizer
Absolutely appetite opening, a light sweet and sour dip.

Aigamo Smoke (RM18)
Fragrant smoked duck breast with scallions
Other than it’s a little bit dry, it’s quite flavourful and I wouldn’t mind ordering it again.

Taiko Gyoza (RM12)
Pan seared homemade pork dumplings with chives, cabbage, dried shrimps and turnip.
Thin and smooth dough skinned dumplings served with rice vinegar. Stujnning gyozas.

Taiko Buta Kakuni (RM25)
Signature braised pork belly with spices and light soy sauce
This would be perfect with some Japanese rice. It’s like comfort food, Saturday night on the couch, just rice and some braised pork belly. Gosh, heavenly, don’t you think?
Its a little salty on its own of course, because you’re meant to eat it with rice. Gosh, like I’ve said before.. I’m not the greatest food writer, I take better pictures than I can write.

Salmon Ginger Roll (RM30)
4 rolls with avocado, crab stick, cucumber and tobiko wrapped with salmon.
You’ve got to put the whole thing in your mouth. No time for dainty princesses and formality, stuff the whole roll into your mouth and blend it in your mouth. Hahah, okay, maybe not literally blend it, but mix it up to even out the flavours. It’s amazing.

Soft Shell Crab Maki (RM32)
Wrapped with Vietnamese rice paper is mango, crabstick, egg, the softshell crab.
I love this so much. It’s different from the usual maki with rice. Without the rice, it’ll make more room for other dishes.. Like their ramen . Heheh, I’ll come to that in a bit.

Taiko Chasu Ramen (RM22)
Signature curly egg noodles with mild pork broth topped with sliced Chasu, spring onion, soft boiled egg, bamboo shoot and sesame.
Springy noodles accompanied with aromatic pork broth. I love the noodles and the soft boiled egg. Perfectly done.

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen (RM20)
Milky white pork broth Ramen served with sliced Chasu, soft boiled egg, corn, bamboo shoot, fish cake, spring onion, grilled seaweed and sesame.
I don’t quite fancy the idea of the corns in it, but asides from the corn, the ramen is delicious. The soup is milky but it’s not too heavy.

Goma Hiyashi (RM25)
Cold Ramen with tomatoes, egg, BBQ pork, cucumber, crab sticks, corn, seaweed, yellow mustard and sesame, served with house sesame sauce.
This is my favourite ramen of all. Its like eating a salad ramen, with ramen noodles being the main ingredient. The sesame sauce matches perfectly with the cold ramen and the other ingredients makes the whole dish refreshing.

Curry Rice (RM18)
Rice served with Japanese curry with pork, potatoes and carrots, served with Miso soup.
As for those who aren’t so keen on ramen, they have their Japanese curry rice. This is decent curry with heavenly pork cubes but I still like the Chinese and Indian curries though.

Ramen Taiko Japanese Cuisine

Unit 15-0-2B & 2C, Mont Kiara Shoplex,
Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-2096 1822

Opens daily
11.30am – 2.30pm
6pm – 10.30pm


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