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The only thing I disliked sitting at the very front of the bus is that I get the sun shining onto my legs. But Aeroline bus is really comfortable. I have no complaints of their service. Best part is that they have toilet on the lower deck.

This is sorta how the seat looks. Well, it was really comfy, I didn’t take my time to get an overall shot of the seat , just half will do. Hehehe . They always give a small pillow for extra comfort, I always get two. Why? Well, the bus wasn’t full, nobody sat next to me, so I grabbed the extra pillow from the seat beside me.
They have this entertainment screen attached to the chair too. You know, to watch movies, play games or listen to music.

Both times at the immigration, I had mainlanders (From China) surrounding me. It was so irritating. They talked so loudly to each other, while I’m stuck in between them, sometimes they’d hit me by accident in the process. Some tried to push their way pass me, which I obviously objected.

When I reached Harbourfront Center.
Note: Those aren’t lanterns, those are cable cars…. LOL.

First stop – Brotzeit.
Vivocity is just next door to where I arrived, and it was about 2.30pm? I was starvingggg!

1 HarbourFront Walk #01-149/151,
VivoCity Singapore 098585

I just visited their website, there are 2 branches in Malaysia. One in Midvalley and another in Sunway Pyramid.

Original Münchner Dunkel Lager (21 SGD)

Pork Knuckle (30 SGD)
Best pork knuckle I’ve eaten.

I spent almost 3 morning/afternoons playing The Last of Us. Imagine that, traveled to Singapore to play a PS3 game.. But hey, it’s not just an ordinary PS3 game.. It’s the legendary ‘The Last of Us’.

This game was an emotional roller coaster for me. I’d give this game a bloody 20/10 and 10 stars out of 5. The story line is so simple, understandable and relatable. The gameplay, fuhhh.. It’s so realistic, it’s unbelievable. When riding a horse, they would duck to avoid getting hit by the ceiling or pole. Even climbing onto something would have random grunts and effort. It’s so amazing, I tell you.

The way they create the build up of trust between Joel and Ellie.. The emotions of all characters.. The insanity caused by the infection.. Everything is just realistic.

Survival of the fittest theory is best explained in this game. With this shitty infection going on across the globe, only the fittest could survive it through. Asides that, you can see how selfish human beings can be just to survive another day.

Jon and I concluded that it’s not the infection that’s destroying the human race. It’s the humans themselves. The factions alone supports 50% of our conclusion. If humans stuck together, gee.. Life would be way easier. But nope, there has to be the bandits.. Cannibals .. Survivals.. Military.. etc.

Okay, back to the trip. I could really just go on and on about The Last of Us but I shall just stop right here now.

Headed to Bugis for dinner and meet up with a couple of friends.

Steamboat ! 20 SGD per head, inclusive of free flow of shitty diluted drinks.

After that, we walked off our fat asses. We walked to Haji Lane, in hope that there was an empty table for us at a pub just to chill…..
But it was a Friday night, the place is crawling with people.

29 SGD for movie tickets and popcorn for 2. :X

We went to the shopping mall in Jurong East called JCube. Cool eh, they have a ice skating ring here..

We watched Malavita. It was a draggy movie, but pretty decent film..



Last day in Singapore! Snap all pictures!

Genius, costed a bomb but used occasionally. Or rather shall I say…. Once in a blue moon .

So apparently, I have a very sad childhood because I never had this in my life before. After eating it, I understood why. ):

Home cooked food for dinner. We watched really random videos while having our meal. I laughed so hard, I had difficulties finishing my meal. I can’t believe we watched cat videos for 20 minutes, alongside with sport fails videos. Lolololol. What were we thinking??


I almost didn’t make it in time for my bus. I reached at about.. 9.27am? 3 minutes before my bus leaves. Phew.

It tasted bad. I couldn’t finish it. It was pretty bad….

Bad, bad bad !!!!!!!!!!

I’ll visit Singapore again real soon, before I head abroad to study.

All photographs taken with Samsung Galaxy S4.

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