Super Bear

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The story behind the toy bear.

It was given by a friend 5 years ago. He was quite a big impact on my life back then. But I was naive and afraid. Afraid that I made wrong choices and couldn’t turn back. He was the sweetest guy who never fails to surprise me. I still keep those presents from him. But this bear stands on my table guarding my coin bank. I was afraid people would steal my coins , don’t ask me why.



I look so Chinese here, especially with the bangs . Oh my.

I realized that when it pours, I always have the need to do a photo shoot. When i decided to do the shoot yesterday, I thought how pleasant it would be – a cooling and not sweaty shoot. I THOUGHT WRONG. Boy, it was so humid, I could feel my sweat trickle down my back. Even better, the neighbour’s friend was outside moving stuff from the car to the house. I felt so shy self shooting on a rainy afternoon in front of him .

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