Woes & New Knapsack

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I’m getting worried that I might not be getting an offer letter from AUT University. My college counselor isn’t exactly the most helpful person in the world, not to mention how rude she was to my mum.. She isn’t giving me any assurance, nor is she telling me anything at all. Oh, and she doesn’t even reply emails. I wouldn’t even bother with calls, she’d probably wouldn’t pick up. I’m dead worried.

All week, I’ve been playing Broken Sword. I just finished the Shadow of The Templars, and starting on The Smoking Mirror.¬†Asides that, I’ve been watching Modern Family. Jon forced me, in a good way, since I’m starting to enjoy it. When I was downloading the first season, he kept asking me, ‘finished downloading?’, ‘done??’, ‘how long more?’. When I started to watch, he kept asking if it was funny and if I liked it. My ego isn’t allowing me to let him know, ‘YES, IT’S FUNNY, I LOVE IT.’ It’s okay, he’ll never know because he doesn’t read my blog.

I did a lil’ impromptu shoot today with my new knapsack. Ooh, on the 2nd photo, my Samsung S4 stands out, doesn’t it? Love it to bits. Anyway, I got the bag a day before I left for Singapore with my mum. She spotted it from afar and we both loved it so much, we purchased it instantly. It was on 70% sale too! We got it really cheap, RM40! Funniest part, we got it from Momoe, a place we never thought of shopping in.
I love it. And I love my mum. she’s the best.

Here’s a photo of us being us.
Don’t panic, the car was parked!

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