12th Nov.

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After my meeting with my college counselor, mum, sis and I headed to Petaling Street. I drove from college since mum just put  medicine in her eye.. I hate driving in KL. There was this maroon Proton.. Moronic driver.

I’m starting to enjoy taking photographs with the retro app on my Samsung S4. Photos turn out pretty nice.

Famous wanton mee at Petaling Street.

This is only a quarter of 1 out of 3 aisle. They even sectioned the wigs according to colours. Pretty cool huh? We found this HUGE costume shop somewhere in Petaling Street. They had soooooo many things there, it’s unbelievable.

That’s a real electricity hazard there.


So nostalgic. I used to have a fish lantern to play with during one of the Mooncake festivals.

Super cute magnets. I like the fish magnet.

Tea Set. I picked it out đŸ˜€ It was only RM39.90.

I wouldn’t have guessed these were nail polish if it wasn’t for the tag.

After Petaling Street and Central Market, we headed to Pavilion.

While visiting Daiso, we saw a lot of new weird items.. This porcupine glove mop thing is quite adorable.

Anyone wants to be a doggy? LOL.

Corn Cutter was one of the weird inventions they had here. Others were tomato slicer, potato cutter, garlic skin remover………… Endless weird inventions.

Betty Boop Phone cover.. I don’t think I can fit that (Let alone my phone) in my jeans shorts pockets.

Ohh ! Last night when we were at SS2 night market, we finally picked up the mini rice cooker. 1 each for me and my sister. She lives in NZ, and I’m about to go to NZ to study.. This would be the easiest and most convenient object ever.

Mine’s the cat one, while my sister’s is the one with the pink flowers.

Till the next entry! (:


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