Arrival of Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite!

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Yesh, Yuki dropped by a week ago to pass me the Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite! Gosh, what a mouthful, let’s just call it ATIV 9 in this post to make things easier, yeah?

Thank you Samsung Malaysia and Manoah Consulting!

This is my first time experiencing Windows 8 too, so I’m a lil’ jakun about this. Everything looks so cool.

Took me quite a while to understand how it works.. I love the concept and all, but sigh, all the complications.. As much as I love this tiny laptop, I would prefer it with Windows 7.

The first thing I HAD to do what to try out the side sync function. It’s one of the coolest functions because people like me, once I’m on my laptop, I would never touch my phone. Or rather… I can’t hear my phone, I don’t check my phone. Now that it’s like a ‘program’ on my windows, I’ll tend to remember to check my phone for messages more often.. Heh.

It’s not that complicated to do that, don’t worry. You need to install 2 apps on your phone first though!

1. Look for the Samsung Apps
2. Search up SideSync and Phone Screen Sharing and install the two apps.

Next, look for the SideSync (All the way to the right side under Samsung Apps which made life easier for us all.)

You can connect your phone and ATIV Book 9 via USB or WIFI. I’d prefer using the USB, at least it charges my phone too.
So, connect your phone via USB and start up the side sinc for both the phone and laptop.
When you hit this menu, select phone screen sharing and open the same app on your phone and hit start!

JENG JENG JENG…. I was hyperventilating when I saw this. Oh my, oh my, oh my!!!

Ain’t that difficult to predict the very first app I’d want to try. PLANTS VS ZOMBIES 2. I JUST HAD TO!

It has that little delay, but I don’t think it really affects anything. Anyway, it’s way way more fun playing PVZ 2 on your phone but it’s kinda cool that it’s possible to play it via your laptop. :3

Oh, if you find it too small for your liking, especially when reading text messages, ENLARGE IT. Whoa, supersized phone. Awesome.
I’ve not reached the best part yet! You can type on your keyboard to reply texts and etc. Arghhhhh ! Texting can never be faster.

Next, I would want to test a few games on this laptop. For such a lightweight mini laptop, I wonder what games can it handle..

Till the next entry! 😀

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