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I received my Beaubox last Monday after attending their official launch at d’Italiane, Paradigm Mall. I met the founder, Kelvin Tan there too. He’s very friendly and explained briefly about Beau Box to me. (Plus point for Beau Box!) He told me that Beaubox is the first subscription beauty box that offers 4 full sized products and founded in Malaysia, and will accept customers internationally (Soon! Or probably already available. I’m not 100% sure).

Well, I’ve done my research last time on beauty boxes during my internship. I had a comparison chart for about 8 beauty boxes with their prices, pros & cons, number of products and etc. Gee, I was quite hardworking at that. Anyway, that was almost 9 months ago. Now, there’s this baby in the market! It’s my very first beauty box, despite all the research I have done, I’ve never really purchased any. LOL.

Beaubox is pronounced as ‘BO BOX’, not Beau in Beautiful.

Actually, the word ‘Beau’ means boyfriend/male admirer. So Beaubox can be your life companion…. 😛

Like how my Samsung Galaxy S4 is my life companion.

Well, ‘Beau’ in Beaubox is beautiful in French (No shit, anyone could’ve guessed).
E.g: C’est beau ! (It’s beautiful!)

It’s a really simple pink recyclable cardboard box that you can do lots with, I’ll do a special feature on that in another entry. It’s gonna be fun, fun fun.

There are 3 subscription plans.

To sum it up:

– RM89 per month for Monthly Plan and 3 Month Plan
– RM445 for 6 Month Plan, you save on 1 month’s beaubox (RM89)

Here’s the link to the subscription page.

In Beauty Box, you will receive a minimum of 4 full sized products. Yes! FULL SIZED PRODUCTS. This is the reason why Beaubox is unique.

In their debut box, named ‘Bare Beauty’ (Products worth of RM595!) will be available for orders now and will be sent in December.

Rain Maker Serum 

I’m quite amused with the name of the hydrating serum. Rain Maker. Make rain on your face? Or.. Tears! D: Okay, I’m getting a little lame.
Well, I assume Rain Maker emphasises the fact that it really, really hydrates your skin with the Hyaluronic Acid. I’ve not tried it long enough to be able to tell if it works yet. Give me a week or two. (:

Wonder Powder (RM79)

Mineral Powder Foundation with SPF 15! Gee, the price of this is almost equivalent to 1 month’s Beaubox subscription.

Stare Palette (RM149)

Basic earth toned colour palette. Perfect for everyday use. If you apply eyeshadow very often that is. I really like the colours though.. Too bad, I’m an eyeliner girl. I’d probably use this for dinner events though. Smokey eyes are never out of trend.

Gorgeous eh?

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush (RM69)

This is my favourite product in the Beaubox. I really hate wearing lipsticks. Yes, red lipstick makes a girl look like a bombshell but because I’m a lazy ass, I don’t drink enough water and I don’t apply enough lip balms (Especially to bed), my lips crack a lot! Wearing lipstick over cracked lips are the worst.. Especially blood red lipstick. It looks super gross.. Besides, they never really stay on long because I would be eating or drinking away the lipstick.

This is quite a good deal for me as it’s a lip colour plus hydrating lip balm! Yay!
2 points for the 1st Beaubox!

Last note: They have points system – BB Points so don’t forget, when you have enough BB Points, you can redeem awesome products! (Terms & Conditions apply)


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