Hardys Wine Pairing Lunch With James Halliday

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Sometime last month, I followed Sidney to a wine pairing lunch at Mandarin Oriental, KL.

It was an exclusive luncheon because James Halliday, a famous Australian wine writer and critic was present to share with us stories about winery, history about how Australia got into the wine industry and so on.

Eileen Hardy Chardonnay 2008

Cantonese Delights
Appetizer platter of deep fried money bag, chilled Australian abalone with “Hunan Province” spices, peking duck crepe with Hoi Sin sauce and Steamed Hoikkado scallop with black diamond sauce.
When I saw the menu, I thought it was pretty extraordinary. It was a fusion 3 course menu of international cuisine.
The food was alright (I liked the scallop the most), paired with Eileen Hardt Chardonnay 2008. The Chardonnay was fantastic. It was my favourite wine out of the 3, probably because of it’s light citrus flavours.

No doubt, the Chardonnay was my favourite. (Damn, can’t get enough of my dual camera mode on my S4)Prawn Nasi Goreng paired with Thomas Hardy Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
It was quite weird to have wine with local cuisine. The wine was great, no doubt in that but I’m not used to pairing hot nasi goreng with a glass of red.


Jasper Grilled Lamb Cutlet served with thyme jus, ratatouille and parmesan potatoes
The lamb was slightly on the tough side, but paired with the Eileen Hardy Shiraz 2004, it was slightly better. I absolutely loved the ratatouille and the parmasan potatoes. Yum.

You could read Fish’s blog entry about the luncheon. It’s much more elaborate compared to mine.

In my most honest opinion, I found the wine stunning, especially the Chardonnays (I’m starting to prefer white wines now. Probably influenced by my mum.) But till now, I can’t quite comprehend the pairing of the food with the beautiful glasses of wine I had. Even Halliday clarified he didn’t quite agree with the menu, haha. It was definitely an interesting luncheon for me.

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