Intuos and Cintiq Tablets by Wacom

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What, what? Tablets? No, not like your Samsung Galaxy Tab or Ipad. These are creative tablets for multimedia designs and etc.

Well, I don’t know much about tablets but I came across their launch yesterday morning at Publika and thought some of you might be interested! kiDChan is one of their brand evangelist and she was doing a live drawing demo there. This is the end product. I quite like her stuff.
Art of KiDChan Facebook

The two tablets I’m sharing in this blog entry is the Intuos and Cintiq.


There are 2 types of Intuos – Intuos Pro and Intuos Pen & Touch. I saw this video review on the Intuos Pen & Touch, he talked about the comparison of the old Wacom Bamboo products and this new lineup.

I might actually consider getting one for Photoshop editing and occasional graphic designing.

Cintiq Companion

I like this one. Wacom Cintiq Compaion is quite a cool tablet, it’s like an electronic sketchpad to a creative tablet dummy like me.

There’s plenty of drawing demonstrations on the Cintiq Companion.
One of the key features of the Cintiq Companion is the fact that it’s light weight enough for u to carry it to wherever you go and work anywhere you want. Neat huh?

Well, I’m no tablet expert, I don’t really want to just paste the specs here and be done with the post but what I can give you is the price and links to reviews and comparisons. (;

Cintiq Companion (CC)
CC Hybrid 16GB – RM5749
CC Hybrid 32GB – RM6899
CC 256GB          – RM7749
CC 512GB          – RM9749

Intuos Tablets
Intuos Medium Pen & Touch – RM719
Intuos Manga                        – RM409
Intuos Pen & Touch               – Mr379
Intuos Pen                             – RM289

Intuos Pro Small                – RM999
Intuos Pro Medium            – RM1499
Intuos Pro Special Edition – RM1599
Intuos Pro Large                – RM1999

Note: These prices are suggested retail price (SRP)

Review Links

Intuos Pro Tablet Review
Cintiq Companion Hybrid Review

Wacom Youtube

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