The Global Art of Mixing 2013

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It was smooth traffic all the way… Till we reached the designated place. The jam just to get into MIECC/Mines Shopping Mall was insane. We decided to park at the mall instead (Just in case there’s no parking space up ahead) and walked to MIECC. It was quite a long walk from outside but it was okay. Definitely saved us more time and petrol.

Since Sabby hasn’t had dinner, we popped over to Carls Junior for some chili cheese fries. We walked and ate at the same time, damn, the fries were good.

It was quite easy to get in, there wasn’t much queue although it was already 8.30pm. Actually people started pouring in only about 10.

Doesn’t her dress look good? I absolutely love her corset.

The lounge. It’s quieter here compared to inside where all the fun is. Easier to talk and mingle with people here or to take a short break. 😀 Also, we can take photographs here. HEE

Look at us. Ohmygerd, we look like shit in the 2nd shot. LOL


It was quite easy to spot our zone when we got in. There was a map, and there were huge signs of the zones. So thoughtful of them.

The emcees of the night. The lights are amazing.

With Yukiko on the left pic and Jon Yip on the right.

With Michelle and Sabrina.
Photo courtesy of Michelle Chow

I enjoyed myself that night. Also, I met up with one of my old friend, and his friend. So the 4 of us hung out together throughout the night. Both of us had lots of fun!

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