Week 2, November

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Catch up on what I’ve been doing for the pass week.

Had Penang-style Curry Mee for breakfast.

Mummy bought bak kua. Yum yum. (Well, not the whole stack, of course. That’s insane! Haha)

Shopped a lot, we walked a lot for 3 days straight, and there’s this cool tailor outlet with a huge button as their door handle.

We dropped by Uniqlo the next day, and guess what we saw? This furry leggings are so ugly, but felt so comfortable. LOL. There’s another one with multicoloured Aztec print.

At Ming Tien. Mario shrooms. LOL. Maybe after eating them, you will grow in size. LOL Oyster shrooms for growing vertically and button mushrooms for horizontal growth.
LOL. I make no sense. 

We also had this strange raddish cake wrapped in egg. First time we had this. Was rather nice, actually.

TWG in Pavilion.. The place looked gorgeous.

Oooh, we dropped by Komugi at Tokyo Street, Pavilion. Look at some of their new stuff – fruit shaped buns.

._. I don’t know what to feel about this restaurant. Lol.

It looked way too classy for a chicken rice restaurant. LOL .

ODD is the word for the shop. Those are really weird long sleeved pajama-looking clothes.

This is a rare sight! I saw some mini shops selling miniature guitars and they sell the double neck guitars! Cool eh?


Charcoal Noodles from Zun Express, Gardens.

Tofu Cheesecake from Komugi. YUMMIEST TOFU CHEESECAKE. Actually, I don’t think anywhere else sells TOFU cheesecake. It’s so divine, you guys just have to try it out yourself!

Till the next entry. (:

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